Fuck this guy (Santa Barbara shooter)

Santa Barbara shooter video

I’m all for compassion and understanding. But I don’t have any for him. Fuck him and his smarmy face.

And fuck all the guys who are taking inspiration from this.

That was chilling to watch. I don’t know what was going on inside that guy’s head…

I don’t know why you’re so negative towards him. He seems like a nice guy. I’m sure he’d condescendingly tell you himself over and over again if he wasn’t, y’know, dead.

Yeah, ‘Nice Guy’ goes postal…

Oh sure… now you wanna fuck him. Where were you 2 days ago, huh? This whole tragedy could have been avoided…


wow… RIP kids…just heard this, its crosstown from me. My first apartment away from home. 1972 Isla Vista…times have changed it seems.

Elliot, kid, you’re stuck in the closet. Go find a nice boy. If I’m wrong, then just yell at your mom on the phone.

Mental idiot.

ETA: Wait, this really happened on the streets? Well, what happened to heroically entering the best sorority house?? What an asshole.

I’d like my seven minutes back, please. As an evil manifesto, I’d give it a two. Evil laugh, a minus seven. What a fucking asshole.

Sick fuck.

This can’t be real life. If I didn’t know anything about this guy and his actions, I would have thought he was a parodying the Nice Guy stereotype. Except doing a bad job of it because of ham-fisted acting.

I think it’s sad that these mass shooters equate power with violence, sexual prowess, and a complete disregard for human life.

Double post

Right. In your day they fire bombed a bank and killed an innocent clerk who just happened to show up at work.

This was a mentally ill sick fuck with rich indulgent parents. Just like the other mentally ill sick fuck with rich indulgent parents who purposefully plowed his car into a crowd twelve years ago on those same streets.

People knew about this kid for a while. Three days ago his “manifesto” was posted on reddit and people were joking about how he was going to do something crazy.

Nice guys turn the gun on themselves last.

Wait, so you’re telling me there’s a chance this fucknut released an *ironic *crazy person manifesto before going on his actual rampage ? 'Cause I’m telling you right now, this shit would be too post-modern for me, man.

OTOH he’s pretty much how I picture the average, dead earnest MRA redditor so I’m torn on the ironic angle.

Like who? :dubious:

He posted a youtube video saying what he planned to do and why which is linked in the OP. Someone else linked to that video on reddit.

Oh, OK, he didn’t post it on Reddit himself. Well, there’s a small blessing there, I guess.

The sense of entitlement was strong with that one… all about what everyone owed him and what all he deserved. I dare say that, in the end, he did indeed get what he deserved. Sick fuck is right.

YouTube yanked the video.

Messed up thing is that he was physically attractive and his father is a successful Hollywood director.

With that going for him, I find it hard to believe that no girls were open to dating him. It defies belief. So either he was overly fixated on unavailable girls at the top of the social totem pole (like sorority girls) to the exclusion of every other female in the universe, or his personality was just that unattractive.