Fuck you April, the giraffe

Your unknown gestation cycle is consuming massive amounts of bandwidth in my house, as my wife and children have become obsessed on not missing out on the birth of your offspring.

Hope your baby comes soon! I’m sure that you echo my sentiment. :wink:

So this isn’t in the April mini-rants thread? That seems like a missed opportunity.

That giraffe is just milking all the attention.

Why is everyone so interested in this giraffe giving birth? You can see plenty of those on Youtube.

People like being able to watch April’s entire labor and calf-rearing in real time. A lot of people start watching and get invested in it. It’s fun and educational. I don’t think I ever knew that giraffes give birth standing up! They’re just cool animals to watch, and giraffe conservation in the wild a very worthy cause.

Besides, every woman who remembers going through that last week or two of pregnancy is sending a ton of sympathy April’s way.


Let’s face it, that giraffe’s got legs.

And a long neck, which a lot of people seem to really be into. (Google models neck if you don’t believe me)


I’m going to stick my neck on this one, but Trump will do anything to get the press off the trail of his Russian backers!

No, I will not, and not because I agree with you. Your gift for sucking the life out of threads succeeds yet again.

Do you think the Giraffe board has a similar pit thread?

This wouldn’t be a problem if there were more wolves in the world … and thank you to the OP for NOT posting a link … very kind of you …

We certainly have no shortage of threads titled “Fuck you, Giraffe!” It’s a pretty common theme in many posts as well.

I am…not popular. :frowning:

Awwwww - I like you fine.

Are we 100% sure that giraffe is actually pregnant and didn’t just gain a few pounds?

It just got awkward and she’s too embarrassed to say she’s not preggo!

It’s the hormones. Once you pop the baby it’ll all be better.

She’s most definitely pregnant…or has an alien parasite inside her…there are pictures of a hard protrusion against the side of her belly, and the…vulvar swelling is prominent.

For those “requesting” a link www.aprilthegiraffe.com has all things giraffe :wink: