Fun with anagrams

Tarnation <–> Tarantino

Orchestra <–> Carthorse

Turquoise <–> Quite sour

The Morse Code <–> Here come dots

Spiro Agnew–> Grow A Penis

Alexander the Great <–> Extra-hated general

Alec Guinness – GENUINE CLASS
Clint Eastwood – OLD WEST ACTION
Adolf Hitler – ID: RAT OF HELL

Darn! I was going to post that one!

Mel Gibson --> Big Melons
Mother in law --> Woman Hitler
President Clinton of the USA --> To copulate, he finds interns.

President Barack Obama --> A Databank Probe Crimes

Thatcher era Conservative minister Virginia Bottomley – I’m an evil Tory bigot.

Twickster anagrams to Wreck tits


Straight Dope Message Board
A megabit Godhead stops errs

Sabotage dogma, shreds tripe

Demagogs debate, parrot, hiss
Runner-up anagrams for Straight Dope Message Board:
Data, beards, grog, moist sheep

Bog, or premeditated ass shag?

Mod test: Rhapsodise garbage

Mirth to gasbag desperadoes

Mass hodgepodge errata bits

Spearheaded “Maggot Bistros”

Badger gestapo mashed riots

“Do oaths!” spat badger regime.

SD Separatist: “Badger go home!”

“So? Teargas him!” - Badger Despot

“So, got badger Apartheid mess …”

I prefer “trick stew.” :stuck_out_tongue:

The last time we did anagrams of the SDMB, one entry was “Dead Gator Pits Beer - OG SMASH!”

Britney Spears --> Presbyterian…, and… Best in prayers

Militarism --> I limit arms

Eric Clapton --> Narcoleptic

Converstaion --> Voices rant on

President Clinton of the USA --> To copulate, he finds interns.

Eleven + Two = Twelve + One

George Herbert Walker Bush–> Huge Berserk Rebel Warthog

Twelve Plus One = Eleven Plus Two

Sarah Palin-anal parish

Barack Hussein Obama:
A burca, O bank messiah?

Department of Homeland Security
Fly? Deuce! Transportation hemmed. :frowning: