Spiro Agnew anagrams!

I read yesterday that Dick Cavett pointed out, back in the day, that the Vice President’s name could be anagrammed to “Grow a penis.”

So this morning I fed it into the Internet Anagram Server, and received unexpected riches of humor.

Ape is wrong.
Groan, I spew.
We sip organ.
Sea wig porn.
Owns pig ear.
Ow! Ape grins.
A groin spew.
Pawn orgies.
Sarong wipe.
Grape winos.
Wage prison.
Owing rapes.

I haven’t started a MPSIMS thread in ages, but I felt this was too good not to share.

I doubt that there are any other major political figures who would yield such pungent anagrams…Barack Obama, for instance, doesn’t get much better than “Maraca Kabobs.”

Add Lump Torn
Add Plum Torn
Dad Lump Torn
Dad Plum Torn
Lad Dorm Punt
Lad Dump Torn
Lad Dun Tromp
Land Dorm Put
Land Dump Rot
Land Dump Tor
Land Dump Ort
Land Drum Opt
Land Drum Pot
Land Drum Top
Land Mud Port
Land Trod Ump
Land Dot Rump
Land Turd Mop
Upland Dot Mr
Lard Mod Punt
Lard Dump Not
Lard Dump Ton
Adult Pond Mr
Dam Plod Turn
Dam Plod Runt
Dam Lord Punt
Mad Plod Turn
Mad Plod Runt
Mad Lord Punt
Damn Plod Rut
Damn Lord Put
Damn Dot Purl
Damn Turd Pol
Damn Turd Lop
Damp Old Turn
Damp Old Runt
Damp Lord Nut
Damp Lord Tun
Damp Dolt Urn
Damp Dolt Run
Damp Told Urn
Damp Told Run
Dram Old Punt
Dram Plod Nut
Dram Plod Tun
Dram Dolt Pun
Dram Told Pun
Dram Dun Plot
And Dolt Rump
And Told Rump
And Drum Plot
And Trod Lump
And Trod Plum
Darn Mold Put
Darn Dolt Ump
Darn Told Ump
Darn Dump Lot
Darn Mud Plot
Darn Dot Lump
Darn Dot Plum
Rand Mold Put
Rand Dolt Ump
Rand Told Ump
Rand Dump Lot
Rand Mud Plot
Rand Dot Lump
Rand Dot Plum
Daunt Plod Mr
Pad Mold Turn
Pad Mold Runt
Pad Untold Mr
Rad Mold Punt
Dart Mold Pun
Dart Don Lump
Dart Don Plum
Dart Nod Lump
Dart Nod Plum
Drat Mold Pun
Drat Don Lump
Drat Don Plum
Drat Nod Lump
Drat Nod Plum
Tad Dump Lorn
Lam Pond Turd
Palm Odd Turn
Palm Odd Runt
Palm Dud Torn
Palm Don Turd
Palm Nod Turd
Palm Dun Trod
Lamp Odd Turn
Lamp Odd Runt
Lamp Dud Torn
Lamp Don Turd
Lamp Nod Turd
Lamp Dun Trod
Marl Odd Punt
Malt Dud Porn
Malt Dun Prod
Malt Dun Drop
Plan Mod Turd
Plan Drum Dot
Plan Mud Trod
Plant Odd Rum
Plant Drum Do
Plant Mud Rod
Plat Dud Norm
Plat Dud Morn
Plat Dorm Dun
Plat Drum Don
Plat Drum Nod
Man Plod Turd
Pram Dolt Dun
Pram Told Dun
Ramp Dolt Dun
Ramp Told Dun
Tramp Old Dun
Tamp Dud Lorn
Tamp Lord Dun
Tram Plod Dun
Mart Plod Dun
Pan Mold Turd
Pan Dolt Drum
Pan Told Drum
Nap Mold Turd
Nap Dolt Drum
Nap Told Drum
Pant Old Drum
Pant Lord Mud
Ran Dolt Dump
Ran Told Dump
Rant Odd Lump
Rant Odd Plum
Rant Old Dump
Rant Plod Mud
Tarn Odd Lump
Tarn Odd Plum
Tarn Old Dump
Tarn Plod Mud
Tan Plod Drum
Tan Lord Dump
Ant Plod Drum
Ant Lord Dump
Trap Mold Dun
Part Mold Dun
Rapt Mold Dun
Tarp Mold Dun
Ad Old Mr Punt
Ad Plod Mr Nut
Ad Plod Mr Tun
Ad Dolt Mr Pun
Ad Told Mr Pun
Ad Dun Plot Mr
Add Lo Mr Punt
Add Pol Mr Nut
Add Pol Mr Tun
Add Lop Mr Nut
Add Lop Mr Tun
Add Plot Mr Nu
Add Lot Mr Pun
Dad Lo Mr Punt
Dad Pol Mr Nut
Dad Pol Mr Tun
Dad Lop Mr Nut
Dad Lop Mr Tun
Dad Plot Mr Nu
Dad Lot Mr Pun
Lad Don Mr Put
Lad Nod Mr Put
Lad Dun Mr Opt
Lad Dun Mr Pot
Lad Dun Mr Top
Lad Do Mr Punt
Lad Pod Mr Nut
Lad Pod Mr Tun
Lad Dot Mr Pun
Land Do Mr Put
Land Dot Mr Up
And Old Mr Put
And Dolt Mr Up
And Told Mr Up
Pad Old Mr Nut
Pad Old Mr Tun
Pad Dolt Mr Nu
Pad Told Mr Nu
Pad Dun Lot Mr
Tad Old Mr Pun
Tad Plod Mr Nu
Tad Dun Pol Mr
Tad Dun Lop Mr
La Odd Mr Punt
Plan Dud Mr To
Pal Odd Mr Nut
Pal Odd Mr Tun
Pal Dud Mr Not
Pal Dud Mr Ton
Pal Dun Dot Mr
Lap Odd Mr Nut
Lap Odd Mr Tun
Lap Dud Mr Not
Lap Dud Mr Ton
Lap Dun Dot Mr
Alp Odd Mr Nut
Alp Odd Mr Tun
Alp Dud Mr Not
Alp Dud Mr Ton
Alp Dun Dot Mr
Plat Odd Mr Nu
Plat Dud Mr On
Plat Dud Mr No
Plat Dun Do Mr
An Dud Plot Mr
Pan Dud Lot Mr
Nap Dud Lot Mr
Pant Dud Lo Mr
Tan Dud Pol Mr
Tan Dud Lop Mr
Ant Dud Pol Mr
Ant Dud Lop Mr
Pa Dolt Dun Mr
Pa Told Dun Mr
Apt Old Dun Mr
Tap Old Dun Mr
Pat Old Dun Mr
At Plod Dun Mr

Oh, thanks so much for that. :rolleyes:

Grow a penis.

I’m surprised this one didn’t show up earlier.

Dave Barry pointed this anagram out ages ago.

You get “Arab cab amok” - a clear warning about terrorist car bomb attacks.

George Bush gives you “He bugs Gore.” That apparently refers to the 2000 election.

Trol damn DOJ: phun!

The number of possible anagrams is roughly contingent on two factors. There has to be a couple of E’s, and not many letters of high Scrabble value.

A ball player a few years ago was Javier Vazquez. Good luck. Or Jack Sprat.

John Quincy Adams would be brutal – a J, a Q, and no E’s.

From the OP

“Too many users are currently using the server. Please try again later.”

See? Now look what you’ve done. A one-man Denial Of Service.

Feel My Power!

Alternately, I Employ Fewer.

I knew that anagram was possible. I looked at both lists of anagrams but did not see it in the opening sentence. A thousand pardons.

Th’ muddl’n poon jar

Sing Ma! :cool:

Back in LBJ’s run for office in '64, his supporters made Lyndon Baines Johnson into “no ninny; he’s on the job, lads”.

Those opposed to him made “Ha! Nod on, jobless ninny!”

Oddly enough, when I hear the name “Spiro Agnew” pretty much the only thing I know about him other than he was Nixon’s vice president is that his name anagrams to “grow a penis.” I feel like I should know more, but I don’t.

He once had his image on a watch, like Mickey Mouse.


And yet it offers us, “I, Johnny Cam Squad” and "May John can squid?

And old John Trump

In the UK, we used to have Virginia Bottomley who was a Tory MP and cabinet member in the Thatcher and Major governments.

Her name is an anagram of “I’m an evil tory bigot”. :smiley: