Funniest Olympics picture

Lately on some of the ‘humorous/gross’ picture galleries I frequent, I have seen some humorous olympic pictures.

Two of which were rather :eek: worthy:

A women’s water polo match that was between Kazakhstan and ???. The picture is a player accidentally grabbing the KAZ player’s exposed breast :eek: … I’d like to think something like this happens all the time in Water Polo :wink:

Another funny picture was a women’s wrestling match where one woman appeared to have her hand up the other woman’s… :eek:

So anybody else see some funny or compromising olympic pics?

I really enjoyed the picture of the New Zealand’s men’s basketball team doing their war dance.

Nah. The From Here to Eternity celebration kiss by the winning women’s beach volleyball team was missing high tide.

Someone in chat the other night posted a link to a picture of a female gymnast with SEVERE cameltoe.

Not so funny if you’re a guy (tho still funny anyway), there was that pic of the Austrian Taekwondo athlete. :eek:

And if you want a guy-on-guy moment to almost equal Misty May’s sand frolicking there’s this one, also in taekwondo.
(yeah yeah I know it was just a familial peck)

It appears to me the German water polo player in this link (2nd pic from bottom-page 1) plays ‘dirty’.

Oh, my. Shame on me for missing that.

Hey, no fair nominating pictures with no link to them!

How about this one, of two synchronized swimmers “celebrating”?

The funniest one I saw was of a certain male American swimming champion embracing his brother, while wearing a headband with his name on it.
Yep, two guys sharing a PDA moment under the name “PHELPS.” :smiley:

OK, right here is where this thread began needing more links.

If I still had the link, I’d be happy to share it. :frowning:


Whoa. 7th picture up from the bottom, right under the weightlifter. She’s got both of them hanging out.

You’d think, judging by pictures like this and the “cameltoe” one, they might want to check to make sure the uniforms fit right before going out on international TV…

Just out of curiousity, what country does that young woman represent? (I don’t recognize the uniform)

Check to make sure it fits right? Can’t they jsut tell by how it feels? I mean, christ, can’t you tell that your boob is hanging out, or that you got three inches of spandex up your hoo-ha? :eek:

[]The]( [url) OP’s women’s wrestling pic.

The OP’s women’s wrestling pic.

In case it isn’t obvious from comments to this post, that’s not particularly work-safe.

I see boobies.

I think your link is asking me to register in Suomi. Wheel of Fortune must be a hoot in Helsinki.