funny romantic "lines"

Hi folks,

Similar to this thread, i would like to use a couple of funny romantic lines on my girlfriend. One of the lines from that sitcom was something like, “Baby i thank god for every mistake i’ve ever made because that’s what led me down this path to you.” Something like that… sweet and sappy!

Anyway, do you have any good ones of your own? Funny is great, but romantic is necessary. Thanks in advance!

From a Weird Al song, (I forget which one).

“Your eyes are as blue as the water in my toilet.”

This works great on brown-eyed girls.

My favorite line that my husband used on me: he held my elbow and said, “What’s a joint like you doing on a girl like this?” Tomorrow is the 13th anniversary of the day we met online. I still love him.

I liked one from Malcolm in the Middle
“After 20 years of marriage, I still suck in my gut every time you walk into the room.”