Funny things found on dating websites

I found a girl on one website whose username is ‘browneye4u.’

I might still have the images floating around somewhere; I absolutely had to save them.

What were they? Profile images that included a woman standing next to a large-screen TV displaying Fox News, and a shot of her tramp stamp. Which pictured the WTC, “9-11 WE WILL NEVER FORGET”, eagles, and other patriotic symbols.

There was a guy on whose username was something like “Oncebitten453”. He went on and on about how his ex-wife did him wrong and how he hopes to find someone who is not like his ex-wife, etc. He was clearly not ready to be dating again.

I recently saw one ad that started off “I’m a hardcore vegan who adores pain and humiliation”.

…and my initial thought was, like, “You know, you could have just deleted the second clause to eliminate the redundancy…”

I had a recent match whose response to “Who was the most influential person in your life” was “My ex-wife. She was the love of my life.”

Was messing around on the craigslist ‘men looking for women’ site and came across an ad with the title “Christian man wants woman to have anal sex with” or something along those lines. I clicked on the ad and saw that the guy who placed the ad was 80.years.old. He was very adamant that any women responding to his ad be Christian, for some reason.

I think the girl in the OP is just about right! :smiley:

How do you know? Well, maybe if her name had been browneye4JC…

Of course, you find all kinds of wacky misspellings on these sites, but one that a friend of mine showed me last night struck me as particularly amusing. The guy mentioned that his son was “enpotent” to him.