Futha mucka

Piney Shine! :smiley:

Fhat the wuck?

Hey, man, your dog logged on under your screen name and is trying to type.


He may be posting fitshaced.

Who, the dog, or bubastis?

He’s only draf as hunk as thinkle peep is he.

Crams!! srams everrwher! BAd scrams! Antidogs dogging dogie dogds! Dogalogdogdog They calls me PONTOON!

Yep. Sold cober, no bout adout it.

If fried druit gets buck in steaters, pry loose with drewscriver.

Now THAT was funny. Hee heeee. :smiley:

Baby, I’m going to sine your kitty on the runny tine!

Oh, Lord.

This post has been piney shined by the futha mucka.

Futha Mucka

Band name.

For real, though.

Oh come on!!! :mad:

No Fast Show fans in here? At all??? :confused: