Futuristic-ish football movie in the era of Rollerball?

This one’s bugged me for a while. I can clearly remember the print ads and I’d swear the movie’s title was “Combat Football.” The cutline was something like “At the two-minute warning… they give the quarterback a rifle.” The image was a grainy sports-action shot of, well, a QB holding a rifle. That led me to think it might have been “Two Minute Warning,” but that’s a different football-stadium-with-a-rifleman flick.


Anyone? Bueller?

It actually sounds like a joke from/about the orginal version of The Longest Yard.

What you first mentioned made me think of the opening football scene in Starship Troopers, but that’s not it.

But if you find out, come back and tell us, because that sounds like an awesome movie.

Also, I assume you are not talking about The Last Boy Scout

There’s a book titled Killerbowl Does the cover look familiar?

Interesting plot summary of Killerbowl.

Just to clarify, I assume the OP is referring to the original *Rollerball*which came out in 1975, not the godawful remake from around 2000. Right?

Either way, nothing rings a bell for me…

You aren’t half-remembering the old Harlem Heroes strip, by any chance?

That’s a cartoonish version of what I recall as a photograph in the movie ad. Doesn’t seem to be a movie version.

However, it’s by Gary Wolf… the author of the book that became Roger Rabbit. I wonder if it was a premature ad for a failed movie project.

Too bad nobody knew. It’s sounds fun.

I did have to ask myself if Rollerball set a time frame for the action. Looks like 2018 was the setting. We’ve only got a couple years to get the NFL to change the rules!!!

This can’t be it, but ‘futuristic football’ reminded me of the old Rutger Hauer movie: The Blood of Heroes. It’s like a futuristic football movie where they use a dog’s skull as the football.

Aye. Enright3, that came to my mind also (although I know the movie as Salute to the Jugger) but there’s no guns that I recall in the movie, just lots of blunt force violence within the game.

Norman Spinrad wrote a short story titled The National Pastime about the invention of Combat Football. Played in the summer, players wore only shorts and shoes, no protective gear and literally no holds barred in tackling, blocking or beating the living daylights out of the other players.

Kind of reminds me of a story I wrote back in college featuring Full Contact Night Golf. :smiley:

There’s also Ultimate Discus.