Gadaffi. Oh the irony must hurt.

So, late in 83 Gadaffi gives up nuclear weapons program as well as chemical. Some said he did that because he feared America after Bush took out Saddam.

You got to be kidding me, I said to myself. By that time America was pretty well outraged by the fact that there was no proof of WMD. No way an American government will pull this bullshit again.

Gadaffi must have felt that was the safe move.

Uh Uh. Just think if he had a nuke by now. Just one. You think we would have had another coalition of the willing ?

Oh the irony. There must be a Yidish word for this.

Is there a typo in there somewhere? Maybe 93 instead of 83?

Thanks. I meant 2003 after Bush II took out Saddam

As long as there was a 3 in there somewhere.

Well known that 3 is the number of crazy.

Say what? Most Americans don’t appear to care. Just like the torture, they were merely unhappy that it came out and made America look bad.

This little incident will probably demonstrate whether a hypothesis I’ve wondered about many times is true. When Gadaffi “renounced” nuclear and chemical (what about biological?) weapons, I’ve wondered whether he continued working on them in secret. Yes, I know it is pretty d–n unlikely he could get away with secret research for that long, but “pretty d–n unlikely” is not “impossible”. I wonder if he is at this moment deciding when and where to produce a nice “surprise”, particularly a chemical, biological, or dirty bomb one?

I’ve seen a number of articles reporting that he maintains a stockpile of 10 tons of mustard gas. Of course, they said similar things about Saddam Hussein back in the day.