Game apps that don't require you to annoy your friends.

I really enjoy the many of the game apps that come with Facebook. Cityville and Mafia Wars being my two favorites. However, I do not like the fact that you must annoy your friends in order to progress.

For Christmas I got an iPod Touch (my family is awesome!). Not only do all of my songs fit on it- unlike my nano- but there is a whole lotta room for apps. Annoyingly, the first game app I downloaded (Touch Dogs2) requires ‘neighbors’.

Are there any apps out there with the same ‘feel’ as Cityville or Dogs were you do not have to constantly annoy people to advance?

Pocket Frogs is hugely popular, and I believe it would fit into the Touch Dogs category, and doesn’t require bugging people. My, er, friend is addicted to it. No, really… every time she sees me she asks to borrow my iPhone so she can check on her frogs. I’m starting to suspect she only hangs out with me for my frogs.

I shall keep all my beautiful and unique frogs all to myself.

Zombie Farm doesn’t require friending or Facebook - though you can connect it to a Facebook account if you want - and you can still grow and harvest your crops, breed fighting zombies to raid a farm/lawyers/ninjas/pirates, and decorate your farm to your heart’s content.

If you like “time management” games with some building, games like Sally’s Spa and Cooking Dash let you run through timed games to help customers, then use the proceeds to buy upgrades to your business.

Games like We Rule/We Farm/We City/Adventure Bay are very Farmville-like, don’t require begging friends for help, and also let you make friends to buy from, if you like, to progress faster.