Game of Thrones 2.04 "Garden of Bones" 4/22 No Book Spoilers

Bronn’s head of the palace guard. Presumably the threat was that the guard would kill the knight, rather then Bronn personally.

Joffery/Cersi don’t have much in the way of armed supporters left beyond the 7(?) knights of the Kingsguard (and I guess Cersi’s boy-toy). Most of the Lannister troops took off to go fight the Starks, Tyrion has the palace guard and his merry band of barbarians. That seems to be it for armed men in Kings Landing. So irregardless of what Joffery orders, Tyrions in effective control (which is why he’s been happily throwing his weight around for the last two episodes).

I hope you realize you are risking 10 years in the dungeon for using the word “books” in your post! :wink:

You could always ask here or in the closed spoilers thread :slight_smile:

Oh heck, I forgot myself there. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope I didn’t spoil anything.

I know what you mean, but then I just remind myself that this isn’t England. They can have whatever kind of accents they want in Casterly Rock. Maybe that’s just me being a Game of Thrones apologist though.

I’m not so sure about that. Trant is out of shape and not very tough looking, just a bully like Joffrey really. Bronn on the other hand is a proven bad ass.

Yea, I’m sort of puzzled that the show is as popular as it is. A season and a half in, they’re still introducing several new characters an episode. I think its fun because I read the books, but I think if I hadn’t I would just be annoyed at how many people I’m supposed to keep track of.

Semi-related: One thing I thought was pretty ingenious about how they deal with the above problem is using the opening credits to show the different places they’re going to visit that episode and where they are relative to each other, so the viewer has at least a prayer of keeping the places straight, if not the characters.

This episode they showed Winterfell and the Wall in the opening crawl though. But I’m pretty sure neither place was in the actual episode.

They’ve always shown Winterfell and the Wall, even thought Winterfell was only in the first episode this season. Probably because Winterfell was one of the original settings. I think this was also the first episode to not feature the Dothraki camp in the credits (replacing it with that new city), even though they haven’t been back there this season.

The mark of a series, to me, is that when an episode is over I am distraught. The GoT hour goes by very quickly and always leaves me wanting more. This episode was the best so far this season even though it had me pulled so tight, I could barely watch. Then there was the birthing of the shadow scene. I’d say that was CGI money well spent.

I guess the CGI money was already spent on the shadow and that was why Dany couldn’t show her dragons to The Thirteen, right?

The foot cutting scene, the rat torture scene, the beating Sansa scene, the sadistic whoring scene. . . Jack Gleason is going to need armed guards to leave his house after this series is over-- all had me churning a bit inside.

This episode also had me feeling unexpectedly sympathetic towards characters I cannot stand. When Cait cried over Ned’s bones I got choked up too even though I think it was her arrogance and self-centeredness that ultimately caused his death. And thinking of Tywin Lannister as the cavalry coming to save the day was a total twist. As someone said elsewhere: you know this series is full of assholes when you are relieved to see Tywin Lannister show up!

Can someone tell me all the name in Arya’s Death List? And who they are? I get Joffrey, Cersie, The Hound and The Mountain but I think she’s got more in there and I’m not sure who they are.

In an episode filled with such tension, it’s weird how many funny lines there were. But I’m going with Renly’s “He comes from salt and smoke? What is he, a ham?” as the best zinger this week.

Ilyn Payne, the mute executioner that killed Ned. He wasn’t seen much at all, but they named him on the first or second episode of season 1 after he scares Sansa.

Winterfell had a (brief) scene in the previous episode. And I assumed they used the Dorthaki camp as a general stand in for when they showed characters wandering around the surrounding wastes (likewise they use “the wall” part of the opening whenever characters are shown north of the wall). This is the first time I noticed them showing a set in the opening when there wasn’t a scene that was anywhere close to that location in the actual episode.

IIRC, the very first episode has Pentos (the city Illyrio is from, where Dany and Viserys started off at) instead of Vaes Dothrak.

She also says Ser Polliver, one of The Mountain’s men who killed Lommy last episode and took Needle.

I think (but I’m not sure) that King’s Landing and Winterfell are always in the opening credits. They are like the two pillars between which this whole series stands.

Thanks Digital and bouv.

I assumed that she is wary of showing the dragons because of the threat of theft. The dragons are likely the most valuable things in the entire world, and at this point are unable to really defend themselves because they are still young.
I think she would have ended up showing 1 of them if necessary to get in, but the question is would she be willing to part with 1 of the 3 if that was the only way to ensure her survival and the survival of her khalasar.

If they wanted to steal them they could have easily overwhelmed her tiny force though. Or simply waited until they died like they planned. I think she just didn’t want them to see they were tiny and her threats of burning everything down were all talk.

That’s what I thought. Little pigeon dragons aren’t all that impressive.

We haven’t seen them in action.

It might have been simple stubbornness and not wanting to perform on command like a trained monkey also.

Winterfell is the home of the Starks–who remain important characters. Although most of them are far from home, now…

My impression was that she’s like the magician who goes to a party with friends and doesn’t want to perform any magic. You’re supposed to like him for himself, not because he does tricks.

Dany thinks she deserves respect as the last Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, with or without dragons. She wasn’t going to put on a show for those people.

And it’s better if the Qarth folks just think there might be dragons. If they knew for sure, they’d take them.

ETA: On preview, what Digital C said.

Pretty stupid stance to take when you and your people face being added to The Garden of Bones after which they’ll take you dragons anyway. Her refusal makes no sense.

I loved Dany last season and can do without her this one.

Hey! They did not show Jon and the Nightwatch this episode and I didn’t even notice!