Game of Thrones 2.08 "The Prince of Winterfell" 5/20 No Book Spoilers

I think this just shows how selfish Cersei is. Myrcella was sent off to Dorne to be married, which means she’s pretty much going to stay there and not be around Cersei anymore. So from her POV she’s gone either way, it doesn’t matter if shes alive and well.

Geez. The first time Roz shut her damn mouth and now everyone wants exposition!

Tyrion seems to think so. Remember what he Joffrey as he smacked him around? Something like, we’ve had cruel kings and we’ve had stupid kings but never have we had the misfortune of having such a cruel AND stupid king.

Joffrey is arrogant enough and stupid enough but he’s far, far too cowardly to try to fight Stannis. He’s more likely to run around 3 miles from the front with his King’s Guard surrounding him, chopping off the heads of wounded soilders and proclaiming that a great victory in battle.

Or they could just chuck 'em from atop the walls by hand, no ? At least that’s how Muslims used naphtha bombs (history’s first Molotov cocktail) during the Crusades.

Of course, the Naffatun were somewhat trained in handling their implements of fiery death, while it seems Tyrion wants to keep his wild card close to his chest. That’s bad news for whoever’s next to the first bloke who’s going to clumsily drop a fire pot atop the ramparts…

The plan they talked about was to burn Stannis’s ships. Not likely they could throw wildfire pots (which looked to hold several gallons each) that far by hand.

Wasn’t it in little glass jars a few episodes ago? Tyrion held one in his hand. I could be misremembering-- this series crams so much into so little time.

Well, the point in “freeing” him could have been to just make sure he didn’t get killed by the angry mob of soldiers.

I know we have more info than Cat does, and I know she’s displayed naive and stupid behavior before, but if she really thinks that just sending Jamie back to KL will get her daughters back, then she is just too dumb for words.

They are fighting a full out war with the Lannisters, one that the Lannisters are losing, badly. They are obviously not going to give up anything that may give them the upper hand.

Also, Cat knows that Stannis is on his way to KL with a superior force to take the throne. Hmm, I wonder if her plan is to give Jamie over to Stannis in exchange for him trying to safely recover her daughters. That would also be pretty dumb though, because Brienne has sworn vengeance on Stannis, so that probably wouldn’t go over well.

I don’t recall seeing this mentioned anywhere on this board, but is it well-known that Sibel Kekilli, who plays Shae, was a hardcore porn actress before she found success in mainstream films? Apparently it was a big scandal in Germany when the information came out.

Her early work is not hard to find.

I have never read a word of the books nor read any of the spoiler threads about them. I want to make this clear because I’m gonna make a prediction that I’m sure will be right. Jaime Lannister will DEFINITELY be the one who kills Joffrey … granted, he may have to beat out a whole slew of others to do it. The reason I know this is, in season one, just about the first thing you saw of good old Ned Stark do was him beheading someone who deserted from service on the Wall. And what happened to Ned? Got beheaded himself at the end of Season 1.

Now just about the first thing you see of Jaime Lannister in Season one was him fucking Cersei, followed shortly by him shoving Ned Stark’s kid off a tower, presumably to his death. I predict that Martin will use the same trick for Jaime … he’s going to have to kill another kid … his OWN kid.

That was just a sample. When the maester showed him the storage vaults, the wildfire pots appeared to be made of clay, and held several gallons each.

… Or perhaps Joffrey will have Jaime killed …

I had the same thought, and alluded to it in my post above: “Joff gets a sword in the back, Kingslayer-style?” It occurred to me that having the Kingslayer slay another king - his own son - would be kind of poetic justice. But I’m unconvinced. If we’re speculating on possible assassins of Jofferey, I have a theory of my own. Stannis is on their doorstep, and we’ve already seen what can happen to Stannis’ enemies.

I am skeptical that we’re in store for multiple uses of shadow-baby assassins. If it were possible, then Stannis would be way too powerful.

OMG, Saturday Night Live needs to get on this, stat!

Regarding Robb being an idiot too, I assume there will be Great Drama over his betrothal versus his love for Talisa. And every moment will irk me, because the sensible thing is for him to keep her as a mistress. It seems almost expected of noble men, and for all of Jon Snow’s emo BS, bastards are treated as a matter of course. Meanwhile, Talisa already abandoned her family and her whole life to be a battlefield nurse - it’s not like she’s going to upset any proper marriage plans. But noooo, I’m sure it will be a big fat hairy deal.

Maybe Cat is sending Brienne to find Littlefinger and hammer out the details of an exchange? Still doesn’t seem practical though.

I know it wouldn’t make good TV, but I really wanted to see Brienne completely ignore Jaime, and him getting all frustrated that he can’t mindfuck someone for once.

I agree that having it happen all the time would be be a story-killer, but it’s possible that it’ll work twice and then Melisandre’s womb will fall out or something. I see no reason to believe that it can’t happen again.

Another possibility: the Hound offs Joff.

Whoever does it, it won’t be Tyrion, of that I am sure.

So i did some hmm research and Tyrion does give the whore a necklace on the very first episode of season 1. At least she is shown playing with one while wearing it during their sex scene. Nice touch that.

Didn’t Catelyn’s sister have a castle in the mountains (the Eyrie)? Perhaps Brienne is bringing Jaime there?

Last time she took a Lannister Prisoner there it didn’t really go her way, so I doubt that. My guess is that she struck a deal with Jaime and a Lannister always keeps their promises. So maybe they are going to King’s Landing with the understanding that Sansa (and Arya, as far as they know) will also be freed. This will lead to some conflict between Jamie and Joffrey and one of them getting killed, although I do not know who. My guess is Jamie, because Cersei said once “Only love your children” and she will probably have the Hound do it.

Again this is all pure speculation on my part.

And Jamie killed the lord of that castle, so I have a feeling he’d be dropped down a hole as soon as he got there.

I wonder if the hound was one of the three people Jamie said would have a chance against him. I assumed the other two were the mountain and maybe Loras Tyrell, which would be funny since Brienne beat Loras.