Game of Thrones 2.06 "The Old Gods and the New" 5/6/12 No Book Spoilers

Episode 1: The North Remembers
Episode 2: The Night Lands
Episode 3: What is Dead May Never Die
Episode 4: “Garden of Bones”
Episode 5: The Ghosts of Harrenhall

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Gukamatz has been moderating these threads because he’s more familiar with the source content than the other cafe society mods. This was his note in the OP of the first thread this season:

We left off last week with Arya close to Tywin Lannister without his knowledge, and she has a new murderfriend. Jon and friends are sending in a small squad to try to take out Mance Rayder (?) before his wildling army marches south. The Lannisters prepare to defend King’s Landing with wildfire. Dany gets an interesting marriage offer. Theon attempts to top the dick move his father assigned him with an even dickier dick move.

We’ve had some slow movement in the season so far - a lot of setting up pieces - and I suspect things will start getting put into motion soon.

Actually Jon and the nightswatch guys were going to take out some lookouts so the rest of the Nightswatch could attack the main wildling army. Good guess on Mance’s spelling!

Just rewatched the scene. You’re right that they’re just sending a party to take out the lookouts, but the overall plan is to kill Rayder and his armies will scatter, rather than engage the army in open warfare.

Yeah, that makes more sense, i caught about a third of the dialogue in that scene.

I thought the episode called back to the scene in the first episode in which Ned Stark demonstrated the proper way to behead someone. Theon didn’t appear to have learned the lesson.

Yes, absolutely.

I wonder how Dany gets her dragons back. Did she really just leave a handmaiden to guard them?

Poor Theon. If he wasn’t such a whoremongering, arrogant self-aggrandizing shitstain, he’d make a good Lordling.

Another Joffrey smack! I LOVE Joffrey smacks.

If Osha was going to kill somebody and sneak off, why didn’t she kill Theon?

Although Tyrion’s line about cruel and stupid leaders was funny, I actually laughed out loud when that guy (I do not remember his name) dropped dead in front of Tywin.

This show should be longer. It always ends to soon.

Not just a smack, but some poop to the face. And some Tonks full frontal. Overall a very satisfying episode.

Is it only me or does Halfhand look a lot like Patrick Stewart?

The actress that plays Sansa was 15 when that was filmed. Rough.

Did anyone catch what was on the letter Arya stole? i caught a few words only and i couldn’t pause it since i don’t watch it alone.

Sumthin sumthin Robb Stark, location somewhere. Think the girl’s going to make a run for it. Baelish had to have sussed her out. I don’t remember if he ever met her though.

Here’s the best I could make out:

“Marching ten thousand west to…
The Tooth. Estimate to reach you by week’s end…
Rob Stark moving troops south by coast. Alert Sene(?)…
Turn east at Silverhill.”

The real pisser is deciphering what that crucial bit with the “?” is, it’s probably not “Sene…” at all. It seems like they intentionally made it hard to read and cut off the right side right there. The S could be a J, either or both of the e’s could be o’s, about the only thing I think I’m sure of is the “n”
but who knows.

If she was going to make a run for it, she wouldn’t have needed to have whatsisface killed.

I do wonder if Baelish sussed her out though. On the one hand he did seem distracted by her ; on the other hand no one ever really looks at a servant ; on the gripping hand this is Littlefinger, of course he’d watch servants closely.

God but Theon is a whore. Sensibly won’t give Osha a weapon, but he’ll agree to sleep next to her ? That man is a life support apparatus for a cock.

I must say I was very fond of Jon not understanding what his prisoner was trying to do to him. Cute kid.

As bundled up as they were whatever she was trying couldn’t have been very effective.

I thought he understood just fine, even through all those clothes. But I don’t get why he didn’t look for some kind of shelter, even if it was just a pile of rocks, to have something at their backs.

I also thought the reason Halfhand left Jon alone with Ygritte was because he thought Jon wanted to have some fun before killing her. Why else would he leave them alone? He doesn’t know Jon well enough to know that Jon would be okay with killing a woman.

Really ? I thought Halfhand figured right quick that Jon didn’t have it in him (if only by how fast he jumped up and went “no, no, I’ll do it”). I figure his plan, if he has any, was to leave Jon alone with his compassion, trusting the Wildling woman to try and rip his throat out with her bare teeth the minute he let his guard down. This in order to teach him that yeah, you get to kill cute women in this job and you have to stomp on your own humane feelings, get the fuck over it newbie. A tough love, [del]sink[/del]get 'orribly murdered or swim kind of thing if you will.

That works too. :slight_smile:

All hail the return of sex and full-frontal nudity!

Tonks tosses the totality of her togs and Jon Snow gets dry humped.

I’m surprised that Cersei is so oblivious that she doesn’t believe that Tyrion has ever hand anything he loved taken from him. She’s so self-centered.

And Jaime is dyslexic. I wonder whether that’s going to become relevant.