Game of Thrones 5.05 "Kill the Boy" 5/10/15 [Show Discussion]

5.01 The Wars to Come
5.02 The House of Black and White
5.03 High Sparrow
5.04 The Sons of the Harpy

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I was certain the fade to black after Tyrion was sinking was the end of the episode… kudos to the producers for avoiding such a cliche.

Did Jorah really contract greyscale and start to show symptoms in a matter of hours (assuming the Tyrion near-drowning and beaching took hours)? Or was he touched in the days/weeks before?

Pretty sure it happened during the attack, would be kinda silly for it to be any other way.

When they went to black I was wondering about the guy in the member’s only jacket.

How are Jorah and Tyrion supposed to go from sailing along a narrow canal flanked by ancient buildings to a wide open beach, with no boat in sight. in a short enough period of time to keep Tyrion alive like that?

Otherwise, I thought it was a slow moving episode, but still entertaining. Got to see a guy get bbq’d and eaten by a pair of dragons, Stannis starting to march on Winterfell, Jon Snow going all in with the wildlings, etc.

The Bolton’s family moment… not quite as heartwarming as the Baratheons last episode.

Deus ex machina

A no Cersi, no Kings Landing episode. Interesting.

I always take these slow episodes as setups for things to come and so don’t regret them.

Did anyone else think that the music over the closing credits sounded different?

The ruins of Valyria are not unlike how I pictured them. That wasn’t one of Daenerys’ dragons flying above Valyria, was it?

I’m pretty sure that was Drogon.

Did Ramsay know Sansa saw Theon in the dungeons before Theon told him? If not, why did he ask Theon if he had something to say?

After all Theon’s been through, and now being paraded in front of Sansa during dinner as no better than a slave, why doesn’t Theon just kill himself?

Looks like Sam is being groomed to be the next Maester of Castle Black.

Was the conversation between Sam and Gilly the first we’ve heard of the “citadel” (home to the biggest library in Westeros and the place where maesters are educated) and oldtown?

I think Dany has the only dragons.

I was also confused on how they got to the beach. Also Tyrion would have no way of knowing if he was touched by the grey scale guy. Does getting touched always result in infection?

Isn’t it taking the white walkers a really long time to get there? They were marching at a good pace several seasons ago. Everyone from the North seems to be aware that winter is coming - and that a lot of bad stuff will come along with it. Besides the white walkers, which hadn’t been seen in hundreds of years until recently, what else? What happened during the previous few winters that was so bad? Even if seasons are years long, most adults must have experienced at least a few winters in their lives.

How did Ramsay find out? I thought his girlfriend was trying to cause trouble behind his back. I guess he put her up to it.

The whole dinner scene felt weird when Ramsay mentioned Theon killing Sansa’s brothers when his father and his father’s wife’s father led the red wedding.

I expected Sansa to name John Snow when Ramsay called Reek Sansa’s closest living relative. It also made me wonder about her (uncle/cousin) who was Walter Frey’s prisoner last we saw.

I assume at some point Theon will let Sansa know that her brothers got away. His apology should have been for betraying Rob.

So, the daughter of the mad king has her ennemies burned to death, and the owner of unruly and potentially murderous dragons has them fed human flesh?

Nice ideas all around.

Ser Barristan’s death annoys me since it seems to make this character retrospectively useless.

And no King’s landing?

But overall a good episode, IMO.

This winter is expected to be particularly long and harsh because the summer has been exceptionally long too. The bad thing to come is mostly famine, especially with food reserves depleted and the countryside devastated during the war (they discussed that in some early episode in the small council).