Game of Thrones 3.04 "And Now His Watch is Ended" 4/21/13 No Book Spoilers

3.01 Valar Dohaeris
3.02 Dark Wings, Dark Words
3.03 Walk of Punishment

This is the episode discussion thread that pretends the books don’t exist. This is the thread with open spoilers for the books.

They better continue Jamie and Briennes storyline this week.

The title suggests we’re going to be bored by night’s watch stuff, but the show never really focuses exclusively on one storyline, so I’m sure we’ll get a little bit of everything.

Who wasn’t around last week? Bran? I’m interested in seeing more of the Reeds.

So what is Mance Rydars back story according to the series?
As far as I remember in last season Jon and the Nights Watch were north of the wall on a scouting mission of some form trying to see if the wildlings were organising, or looking for someone who’s horse they found. I also dimly remember something about Neds brother or was he the guy recruiting people for the wall? What happened to him?
I have only read first few chapters of book one , but did not like the writing style so I only know what is in the HBO series.

I am guessing the guy who is selling the slave army to Danerys is going to come to a toasty end. No way can he get away with running a slave city and not have a gruesome end.

They went scouting, and looking for Benjen Stark, Ned’s brother. They haven’t found him yet.

I just rewatched the last episode of S2 and the first episode of S3, and I still can’t figure out why Sam was chastised for not sending ravens. There’s nothing in either episode to indicate he was told to send ravens, or that he was anywhere near The Wall, which I assume is where the ravens are kept.

You must be a psychic.

Raven duty was basically the only reason they brought Sam along.

So does Podrick know the secret of the Venus Butterfly? Or is he some other sort of wizard?

Lord Beric Dondarrion looked nothing like he did in the first season.

Well, shit. I feel like a bit of a dope for not seeing exactly what Danaerys’s play was as soon as she decided to buy a slave city’s entire slave army. Good episode, though the Watch stuff was boring… until everyone went batshit crazy. O.O And my, does Margaery know how to play folks…

That went fast.

I really really wanted to see the Hound’s trial this week.

Why thank you, one of my many talents.

Yes it is a pretty obvious result, more of a when rather than if guess.
Waiting for kids to go to bed before watching.
Thanks for clarifying the reason for the trip north.
Still wondering about mance backstory if there is one.

Started a bit slow, but goddamn did it pick up in the last half! Dany is fucking awesome.

Mance used to be in the Night’s Watch. I think that’s all that’s been said.


So, Pod’s got a rod like a god?

When I read the scene where Dani gets her slave army, I literally went “holy shit”. The televised version did not let me down.

“A dragon is not a slave!”

That scene is one of the very few times I’ve had a visceral emotional reaction to a scene in a book.

So WTH is going on with Theon? Am I supposed to understand what’s happening to him?

Why’d that kid kill those guys? Who were those guys? Was that kid the same one that freed him in the first place? What is going on?

I have a strong feeling that his dad or sister is behind it but I’m not really sure why or what they’d be trying to accomplish exactly. Find out where is true loyalties lay? Is this really the best way to do that?