Garth Brook/Chris Gaines

What is THAT about??

Why is G.B. dressing goth, singing in a high pitched voice, and calling himself Chris Gaines??

I smell another Micheal Jackson loony type here.

kelli…as I heard it, he’s promoting a movie about the life of someone called “Chris Gains”…so he put the album out under that name…sort of like the Eddie and the Crusers movies put out a few years ago…(shrug)…least that’s what I was told…

Sad, just sad.


Everyone wants to be something they’re not…

Yer pal,

My wife and I had this conversation about Garth Brooks a few days ago. The man is determined to sell more records than the Beatles, to the point where he lets his CDs be sold through clubs and in stores at low, low prices to kick up the volume. Now, I can probably stop 100 people on the street and I’ll wager that 75 can sing me all or part of a Beatles song, but I don’t think I know anybody who could sing me a Garth Brooks song. Does this guy really think that in 30 years, his songs will have the same staying power?

(gasp)…Heathen!..I don’t know where you live, but here (Va Beach) I think it’d be the other way around…Many people may not like him, but I bet they would recognize his name/and be able to sing a few lines from one of his songs…

I think he finally cracked under the strain, and this Chris presona is a maneftation of one of his personalities.

I think he is a moron, but he has some great songs, and a beautiful voice. Too bad he went nuts…shrugs

From what I heard, he is trying to break out of the country persona and is trying to be more rock n’ roll. The movie and album about Chris Gaines is all a massive publicity stunt launched in order to divert attention away from the silly name-change by making it seem like some pathetic type of alter-ego. Truly lame.

Miss Kellibelli, is this the cd you’re referring to?

It says Garth Brooks right on it and that is not a pic of Garth Brooks.

Maybe I’m confused?

Wait, after looking at your OP, maybe you aren’t even talking about a CD?


Today’s word, boys and girls, is Megalomaniac.

Fits what’s-his-face to a T.

I prefer rogues to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest.
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Jazzmine, that is the cd I was referring to.
From what I have heard, he has lost weight, grew a under the mouth moustache, slapped on the eyeliner, some trendy black clothes, (went goth), and is planning a movie about ‘chris gaines’, (who does NOT exist) he is now doing videos etc, AS CHRIS GAINES!! Its like he thinks he can just become another person because he wills it to be so.

He tried to be a baseball player, failed. I also hear that his marriage is all but over, gee, too bad he didnt pump out a few more kids to fuck up with his egomania.

Its is sad (sarcasm) to be in a position where you cant get any higher than the ‘very best’ in your field.He has won every award in country music, he has sold more albums than any other CM artist ( I could be wrong), and he is still unsatisfied. By making himself into a new person he hopes to conquer contempory music too…he will, but then what? Jazz, opera? Latin a-la-Ricky Martin?

What is even wierder than what he is doing, is that his fans are ok with it. I saw the chris gaines video last night, and I was embarassed for him. He has this black wig on with long wispy bangs that cover his eyes, and tried to look all full of angst & stuff…sweet mother of god!
Spare me!
He has more money than Canada for petes sake, go buy a theme park ya wierdo.

My work requires me to stay up to speed on these things, so here’s the deal with “Chris Gaines.”

Garth Brooks is currently making a movie called “The Lamb,” in which he will play the ill-fated (that is, dead by the end of the movie) rock star Chris Gaines. The movie is supposed to be released in early 2001. As part of the promotional effort for this venture, he’s released an album called “Garth Brooks … In the Life of Chris Gaines.” It is intended to represent CG’s “greatest hits.” And yes, that is Garth on the cover, in what has to be the makeover of the year.

The first single, “Lost in You,” was released to NAC/Smooth Jazz and Adult Contemporary stations under the Gaines name, though the Brooks connection is no secret; his name appears on the single’s box. For those who haven’t heard it, it’s a soft R&B record on which Brooks, singing in a high-pitched voice, sounds rather like Annie Lennox (not that that’s bad). It is currently climbing both the NAC/SJ and AC airplay charts.

There’s another single, released at Country, called “It Don’t Matter to the Sun,” a soft rock Jackson Browne-ish sort of thing that’s more Garthlike, and which is under the GB name with no CG reference.

Right now GB says the soundtrack to the movie (“Life of…” isn’t the soundtrack) will be his last Chris Gaines project, and he won’t tour in that persona. He says he has no wish to stop doing country, which is part of the reason this stuff is being played under the CG name. Obviously, the country industry is real unhappy with this whole thing.


I’m not a country music fan by any means, but GB is one I find somewhat tolerable, and that’s due to his “rock” roots.

Apparently he was a rock fan as a youngin, and is tying in his new movie with that desire. I don’t have much of a problem with it, but I don’t listen to him.

Remember, he covered “Hard Luck Woman” (rather well, IMO) on the Kiss Your Ass tribute album a few years ago. And, he had Billy Joel on stage for his Central Park concert last year.

If he wants to outsell the Beatles, more power to him. I daresay, though, he won’t be as “respected” or as popular as them in two generations, though. And, I’ll bet the Backstreet Boys are nipping at his heels. :slight_smile:

Hello, My name is Shirley U. And I’m a Garth Brooks fan.

I like his music.I have all his CD’s.
I know most of the lyrics to his stuff.

I know most of the lyrics to most of the Beatles stuff too. I have most of their Albums.

I do not care about personalities off stage so much as they are not pedophiles or rapists.

Someone does not sell so many albums and have so many concerts without having a tremendous ego. (Sinatra was no wall flower…etc) Would you really want to see some introvert up on stage standing there like a stick barely moving? FAce it, the guy did help to change the entire course of country music with the up beat tempo.

But he will fail in a movie roll, you mark my words. It’s like models that think they can act. Only a few have made that transition well, the rest is like watching a car wreck happen. You can’t wait until it’s over and they go back to what they are really good at.

His Garthness is my favorite singer,

If I could have three wishes one would be for him to stand in my livingroom, holding a yellow rose, and singing his song “Shameless” to me.

Course The LION wouldn’t like it much. But hey he’d get over it.


I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s really hard to pronounce.

I’m not a country music fan at all. Not in the slightest. I don’t have a problem with Garth Brooks, I just wasn’t into his kind of music.

This “Lost in You” song is wonderful. The makeover makes him look DAMN YUMMY in my book, and silly me, I thought that maybe he was tired of singing country and had decided to sing better stuff under his real name, Chris Gaines…

Now I find out I was way off base. Damn, but that’s depressing.

Hoping he at least hangs on to the look,

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

I am no fan of Garth Brooks’s, but I respect the way he treats his fans. A couple of years ago, he played three nights at Rupp Arena, in which all seats were about $23 (with service charge). He could have played a stadium, or charged three times as much for tickets, but he didn’t. I’ve heard him talk about having more money than his great-grandchildren could ever spend, and not feeling the need to screw his fans out of any more. (Are you listening, Eagles?)

Garth Brooks ruined country music, but it isn’t his fault. Up until Garth, country musicians looked up to the masters–Willie, Waylon, Johnny, Merle, Hank. Now they all want to be Garth Brooks–they want to cross over and appeal to everybody. At its best, modern “radio country” is more inspired by the Eagles and CCR than anything, and at worst it is image-driven claptrap (cough Shania cough). Anything reminiscent of real country music is relegated to the “alternative country” section.

A world where Shania Twain is “country” and Johnny Cash is “Alt. Country” is a screwy world indeed.

Dr. J

I agree that he looks yummy in the video :slight_smile:

Personally, I’d be a happy camper in a world without country music, but when I have to listen to it, Garth is better than the rest. (Yes, there are times when I have HAD to listen to it. In fact, there are times I’ve had to dance to it onstage :::gag::: but we’ll not go there)

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I would just about jump out of a moving car if anyone ever tried to force me to listen to that drivel.


Having Billy Joel onstage does not make one a rocker. Having his ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, on stage might.

There is a subtle differece. :slight_smile: