Gary Busey endorses Donald Trump

(I honestly had no idea where to put this. It’s political-ish, so MPSIMS and Cafe Society are likely out. It isn’t a debate as such, so GD is out. Given that The BBQ Pit isn’t strictly for raging against the heavens, I figure it fits here if it goes anywhere.)

Here’s a priceless video of his endorsement and Gary Busey is Busey. If he didn’t put himself out there I’d feel bad for laughing at him. As it is, however, if he keeps this up this will be a very amusing campaign for as long as Donald Duck is in the running.

The best part is at the end:T.R.U.M.P. stands for Taking Redirecting Understanding Massive Power POUND TABLE!

Gary Busey is a fucking genius. Everybody thinks he’s crazy and he knows it. So he gets paid thousands of dollars every week to come out of his house, say something ridiculous for ten minutes, and then go home. And he goes along with it every time.

Five years from now, we will all perish by his hand.

Vice President Busey?
Better than Palin.

Unfortunately, he does seem to be the poster child for the key Republican Demographic group these days.

Golly. Someone appearing on Trump’s televised freak show endorses him for president. What are the odds?

Does this mean we know who the next Celebrity Aprrentice is now?

Gary Busey endorses Donald…
Duck? :smiley:

“You’re appointed.”

I certainly wouldn’t want to risk casting my vote for President without knowing where Gary Busey stands on the issue.

Novice attention whore fawns before the master attention whore, news at 11!

Well, this changes everything! I always try to model my choices after those of Gary Busey. It’s worked out so well for him.


You have admire Busey for following his heart, and not the voices from the sock drawer that speak in pig latin.

Busey landed on his head in a motorcycle accident. He has an excuse. That would make anyone become a Republican.

[Doc Emmett Brown] What next, President Jerry Lewis? [/Doc Emmett Brown]

Reminds me of when ’ N Sync held a press conference after 9/11.

The right becomes more of a caracature of real people with each passing month. It’s amusing in some respects and frightening in others. These people walk among us, folks.

So Trump has the brain-damaged vote nailed down…

Novice? Are we talking about the same Gary Busey?

HAHAHAHA- I’m dying! This campaign is going to be so awesome.

Sadly, I don’t know whether or not you’re joking.

And I really, really hope you’re joking.