Gary Kumquat is Okay

Yeah, it seem he came in with milk boy bunch, but it appears he’s of a different ilk. He hasn’t cursed or been overtly insulting, he has responded positively to a few suggestions (actually reading the rules,) and contributing to non-pit threads in a positive fashion.

I’d like to extend to him the fickle finger of friendship.

I guess that wouldn’t be the middle finger then? :smiley:

Consider that finger of friendship extended right back to you all. In a nice way, of course.

Now that the finge formality is complete, let’s move on to other business.

Mr. Kumquat:

Your arrival is suspiciously N Sync with the arrival of a group of particularly obnoxious folk. May I be so bold as to ask if your arrival here is in any way associated with them, or is it an unfortunate coincidence?

If it is indeed the latter, you must be disturbed at the unwarranted attack on all things English that has occured here. As inexcusable as it was, I hope you can see why it occured. I would personally like to apologize for my paticipation in that.

I hope you stay, and don’t hold it against us.

So can we all just agree to mock the French now? I think that in the spirit of furthering relations among the English-speaking posters here we owe it to ourselves to degrade and insult the French.

Whoops! Gary’s banned. Victim of an itchy trigger finger, or was he really the Spawn of Milk?

I’m inclined to trust the Admins. They have that IP checky thing. I hope they didn’t make a mistake. He seemed pretty cool.

He responded well, and comported himself with more grace than some long-term posters (referring to self.)

Oh well.

Now he’s unbanned. Hmmm.

Sigh. Gary, I wish I could be as eloquent about it as Scylla. Please, accept my apologies, and consider everything that Scylla said as coming from me as well.

BTW- you ever going to reply to my rant about my trip to France?

John Corrado went to France
To teach the ladies how to dance!
Curtsey to the Admiral, bow to the Queen,
Turn your back on the old submarine!

Phew! I was skipping rope as I wrote that.

You’re weird, Ike.

John Corrado r’turned from France,
He found the airline lost his pants!
Curtsey to the senator, bow to the rep,
Turn your back on the old French schlepp!

You’re weird, too, Uncle Beer.

Thank you {b]John Corrado**
And just to let you know,
Bush is weird, and Gore also,
But none compare to John Corrado!

Excuse me. I just had a touching moment hear, so I’s appreciate it if you’d stop clowning around, mm’kay?

Sorry, Scylla. I’ll stop.
Just wanted to let people know, though, that verse about me is always good for a sig.

John Corroda chased his tail
In the end, to no avail!
Curtsey to the King, bow to the Monarch
Hey, who cares he dropped a bollock!

I was just kidding.

Though we jumped to do his bidding
Our buddy Scylla was only kidding!
Sometimes we rib that, sometimes we rib this,
But we don’t mess around with the twin of Charybdis!

Sheesh. {waving arms} Somebody open up a window.

Now THAT was just uncalled for!!!

You made me spew Diet Coke out my nose.
“Rib this” with “Charybdis.” We have standards here, pal.

(Actually that was very good)