Gay guys, a question....

Have you ever seen a woman in public or where ever that was so hot you were like…DAYUM !!!

In other words, does some heterosexuality still live within you or is it all gay? Because I know there are straight guys who get man crushes.

“Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. The world is not to be divided into sheep and goats. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories… The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects.”

–Alfred Kinsey, on the Kinsey scale

While I respect Kinsey, that comment is stupid. Either you like the same sex, the opposite or both. Unless you’re into bestiality or dead people, but I wasn’t asking about that.

Kinsey was right. It’s a continuum, with infinite variations and subtleties. And I believe that if we could remove societal judgments and be totally honest, it would be a symmetrical bell curve, with damn few people being 100 percent gay or straight.

That being said … I’m almost imperceptibly close to being 100 percent gay. But on very rare occasions (maybe once every 5 years) I see a woman who is so hot that it’s almost a shock to see her. But it’s not really a sexual response, more of an intense esthetic response. It’s less “I wish I could do her,” and more “I wish I could be her.”

Indeed, all of those bisexual people are lying to themselves.

ETA: Sarcasm ^

Did you miss where he said both? He did leave out asexuals, though.

raises hand It’s definitely happened to me, albeit rarely, and never to the point where I seriously considered doing anything about it.

No, it’s not stupid. For a male :

  1. Straight
  2. Almost totally straight
  3. Mostly like girls
  4. Like girls a bit more than boys
  5. Basically bi
  6. Basically bi
  7. Like boys a bit more than girls
  8. Mostly like boys.
  9. Almost totally gay
  10. Gay

I see lots of potential usernames in that list…

Incidentally, I’d give myself a 2

ETA - I don’t know where to put asexuals on my list. Sorry, go dig up Kinsey and ask him…


I can appreciate a woman’s beauty on some intellectual level, but not otherwise. So no, I cannot say I’ve ever say “dayum, I’d do her.”

To understand this better, turn the question around. Can you honestly say you’ve seen some men who turn you head and makes you want to say “dayum, I’d do him!” Is there some vestige of homosexuality left in you?

100% Gay here, and yes, I am not blind…of course I see women and think, “Wow!”, but not in a sexual lust concept like a hetero guy would think.

At the college where I teach, probably 1/3 of the students are fashion majors. I teach them, I know them and I like them as individuals. Quite a few of them could be models, and some were or still are currently. Let’s just say that the hetero guys at the college always have smiles on their faces when they come to school and attendance is quite high.

And even some of the other women who do not have fashion model figures have a certain “attitude” that still makes you turn your head. One thing I have learned about teaching fashion students there is; it isn’t necessarily what you are wearing, it is how you wear it.

There is one woman who is probably 280 pounds, but she has more style than 99% of the women you will ever meet - and trust me, she has the potential to become a superstar in the fashion world.

So the answer is yes - I certainly see women almost every day and go, “wow”…but may I add that I also see guys (Gay and Non-Gay) in the fashion department and also go, “wow!”

I think I’d class myself as 98% gay in that I’ve seen some women and wanted to look at them longer just to enjoy their looks, but that has never translated into sexual desire for a women. Ever.

I agree with panache45, if you could remove social stigma from homosexuality, or even just sexuality itself, you’d have a lot more people trying out same/opposite sex stuff (even just to see what it’s like). I’ve met plenty of straight men who have admitted to having sex with a guy and enjoying the experience but not finding men attractive and not wanting to do it again. I don’t think they’re bisexuals in denial, I just think that sexuality is a lot more fluid than we typically think it is.

I’d also point out that a man crush as you put it really isn’t about sexual desire - I very much doubt you think about your man crush and go “I’d really like to get his dick in my mouth”.

In the eighties, I found myself thinking . . . kd lang makes me wish I was a lesbian. Does that count?

Yep, altho there’s a greater percentage of ‘damn I’m diggin her vibe and if I weren’t gay I’d probably be falling in love at first sight’ than ‘damn she is hot and if I weren’t gay I’d be banging her’.

And in general I find that crushing on someone has just as much to do with factors other than sexual attraction whether it’s on men or women or people of any background.

My husband’s in this boat. He refers to himeself as “about 90% straight”. He’s had sex with men a few times, and may possibly again if the situation comes up (we have an open marriage), but it’s generally not his preference.

Myself, I’m smack dab in the middle bisexual. I’ve always had a hard time really comprehending 100% hetero or homosexuality. I mean, I know there are lots of people out there who are 100% one or the other, and I don’t think they’re lying or in denial or anything. I just can’t imagine looking at a really hot man or woman, and NOT desiring him/her.

Yeah, but more of “I think she is really beautiful” as opposed to “Damn, I’d love to go to bed with her”.

More esthetic than sexual, I guess.

Interesting, gay men think straight men are sex hungry pigs exactly the same as women think straight men are sex hungry pigs. I wish I could totally blast that hetero stereotype out of the water but, alas, 'tis not to be.

Although I must say, from my point of view (99% straight male) that if I see an awesomely hot woman sex is not the first thing on my mind. I can appreciate the beauty of all that is feminine more in an intellectualy fashion than an animalistic sexual fashion. Unfortunately I cannot say that about my fellow fellows.

And, although the 99% mentioned above is about as close to exclusive as I can come and still be honest with myself, there are times when I see a guy and think “Woah, he’s hot.” I wouldn’t want to sleep with these guys any more than most gay guys would want to sleep with the hot girls, but beauty is beauty and I appreciate that which is beatiful.

I didn’t come in here to argue Kinsey and his scale, of which, I am very familiar with. I’m a simple type of guy and usually see things in black and white, he doesn’t. That’s fine, we disagree. Yay, now, back to the question. I want to thank those who have answered, thos who haven’t yet, please, by all means, answer.

I’d also like to add, that I am 100% gay rights. I listen to OutQ in the Morning with Larry Flick every morning and I thoroughly enjoy the gay circle. I am 100% heterosexual though. I just wanted to get that out and let you all know that this thread isn’t designed to secretly attack or lead some of you into a pothole. I am seriously just curious about this issue.

I guess I’m just an anthropologist at heart.

It is interesting that the ones who said that they have looked at a woman and admired her beauty stated that it wasn’t sexual, though. I guess you can compare that to viewing art in a gallery. Because when most men see a hot woman, the dog in them comes out. haha You all know that. I do admire the beauty of women in an artistic way as well, but when I see one I get an overwhelming urge to say “man, I’d like to stick my…in her…” haha. THanks guys

You stated the original question with the assumption that Kinsey was wrong, without actually stating it. Other people stepped in to point out Kinsey’s findings. So, your original question should probably start “If you believe Kinsey was wrong…” so all those people who agree with Kinsey know to steer clear.

Oh, and… "While I respect Kinsey, that comment is stupid. "

This statement contradicts itself.

Then again, this is MPSIMS, so, I like string.

Umm, the ones who dig up their partners are not asexual.