Geeeeeeeh. I need a new job. My boss is going to drive me to violence.

And it’s not that I have a bad temper. I do, to be honest, but in most circumstances, I can keep a lid on it.

But this man would drive GANDHI to fits of homicidal rage.

I’d quit if I could find another job, but this is the first one I’ve had in more than five years, and would YOU use the man I’m about to describe as a reference?

He is racist, homophobic, sexist, hypocritical and stupid.

General overview:

He insists that people order A Specific Way. If you order a Hamburger with Cheese, or a Cheeseburger with Bacon, or anything along those lines, expect to get yelled at and have your command of English questioned. (Yes. He yells at customers.) He also trots out the World’s Worst Analogy for this one - ‘Would you say to a car salesman “I want a Caddy, but I’ll pay for a Chevy”?’

And, about his ‘you don’t understand English very good’ thing. The problem is usually HIS English. He fails to grasp a few aspects of English - like word order. He uses ‘Where is X’ to mean ‘Where X is’, then gets mad when you answer the question it sounded like he was asking (I’ve been there long enough not to fall into that trap any more, but it’s treacherous for a newbie). I’m usually pretty good at picking out what people for whom English isn’t a first language are saying, but this man is puzzling even for me. And when I’m not able to figure it out I appriciate my lack of understanding to be tolerated, and having the person I’m talking to repeat themselves, rather than being insulted.

He has a tendency to say wives/girlfriends are a distraction from the REAL important things in life (like, say, playing Hockey - seriously. He treats being a hockey player as the only worthy goal in life.). Then he’ll constantly ask female customers if they’re my girlfriend (or that of the other male employee). >< (He’s particularly annoying about this in my case with one 14 year old girl that comes in often. >< >_<)

(Minor Annoyance, but might as well mention it) He has a tendency to refer to people as ‘Your friend’, ‘Your cousin’, etc, regardless of my relation to them - nonexistant, friendly, neutral, or outright hostile, they’re my ‘friend’. (Seems only to do this to me, actually…)

There are not enough employees to get things done (Just 1 more would work), but he still insists that we finish cleaning before 9 - even if the place is still full at 9. I’m often expected to be wiping tables in the back and cooking at the same time. The other guy is expected to do dishes, cook, and wipe tables. He calls us lazy if we take longer than a few minutes to do it (and if we do it fast enough to please him - of course, then it’s justified, because the result is inevetably a half-assed job).

On that note, he has a rather ‘fun’ tendency to exagerate times - in the way that gives him the most justification to yell at us. If we take 10 minutes to do a 10 minute job, in his world, we’ve taken 20, and it should have taken 5.

Now for the straw that broke the camel’s back:

Today he hit the My Boss Is An Idiot Trifecta: Racism, Homophobia, and sheer idiocy in two statements across a 10 minute span.

1 - while discussing ‘unreasonable’ demands made by customers:

‘Blacks are the worst. See one coming, put ketchup, salt, and vinager in the bag. They’ll ask for it. A White man won’t do that.’

Er…yes. Only blacks ask for ketchup, and that’s a TOTALLY unreasonable thing to ask for a takeout order in a restaurant.

2 - while discussing hockey players out due to injury:

‘What are they, faggots? If you had a broken finger you’d go to work, wouldn’t you?’

Er…yes, I’d totally risk reinjuring myself, because I’m not gay, and therefore don’t feel pain, or risk injury.

::Twitchtwitch:: I’ll find a new job eventually…

Ah yes, that was fun.

I met this man once. Did he say anything nuts, like “Hello”? Nope. By way of introduction he ranted at me for several minutes about how it was obviously my fault that Tengu didn’t go work overtime that day, and that I was bad to have around and such. Was a hell of a first impression, let me tell you.


Rilch, it’s a smiley you don’t need to turn your head sideways for. Think of the > and < as scrunched-up eyes. The _ is its mouth.

So if I define its head like this


you might get a better sense of the face-ness of it.


Okay then!

Tengu, I feel your pain. I worked for an alcoholic wastrel once, and my wife is working for a total wacko at the moment. You have to wonder … do you HAVE to be insane to be an owner/manager nowadays, or does it just help?

“Listen, my Friend! (puts arm around neck, allowing horrid pit stench to escape) I know that is you Girlfriend! She come here all the time and you give “special” prize (he meant “price”) and all the time you give extra food! Why you do this to me? Am I not good boss? Why you stab at me like that? You as good as take money from my purse! Okay, okay. I know things, maybe, hard? No? Look, she is BEAUTY LADY and she MAKE YOU CRAZY! But she trick you! She not like “girly-man” such as you. She CLASSY LADY and like big, important hockey man. Like maybe me or somethink (its pronounced “somethinG!”) Okay, okay. I know you stop. You good boy! You work maybe little extra tonight, make up for it.”

Is this the guy?

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

That’s terribly close, gato. He does at least grasp proper hygene, though. (And his English is a little more randomly off. Which makes it rather worse - have to get used to his verbal quirks on a word-by-word/phrase-by-phrase basis.) But that does really get across the idea of what it feels like sometimes. And you brought up something I forgot to mention…he’s one of those touchy-people. I’m not. Unless I’m sleeping with you, don’t randomly touch me, PLEASE. And you, sir, are not my type.

Audrey - thanks for explaining the smiley.

EC - I’m not sure if it’s encouraging or scary to know I’m not alone in this. On the one hand, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. OTOH, the sheer number of lousy bosses I hear about when I rant about this make me depair of my chances of getting one I can stand. I think I’ll stick with ‘encouraging’ now.

Touchy-people. They deserve their own Pit thread. I haven’t been flamed for a while, I think I’ll go start it.

Tengu, just hang in there. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last few years, it’s that you will find another job some day.