Geniuses. Geniuses all.

The one who thought of that is a genius of the first degree. You’ve just effectively prevented accidental double-postings. Thanks.


I’ve seen that message too. I’ve double posted too.

The true art of double-posting can only be achieved by repeatedly hitting submit in your post.

You’re allowed a small window of opportunity to double post. But if your good, you can get 'em in there.

That feature’s been around since I’ve been here. It’s called flood control.

I’ve got flood control messages aswell but what Derleth is talking about is a different message .

This feature AFAIK is a relative new one .

Well, the wording of the message might have changed at some point, but it is the “flood control” feature.

I tried to double-post that last one, but only one showed up. I got the 60-second warning. I invite you to try, Cnote. You might have better luck.

Here goes…

Let’s try that again…


The only time I’ve had a problem with it has been when the boards are busy and/or backed up.

It recently happened, quite by accident, in my freak thread in the pit.

I know the message had been around since before that post, so I’ll try again later and see what happens.

But you’re right, it’s not doing it now.

let’s try again

This is a double-post attempt…


This may very well be the first thing I have ever encountered that I couldn’t manage to break.

Give me time… :smiley:

Last ditch effort…

Last ditch effort…

Nice, sdimbert-

I thought it was possible, but couldn’t get it to go for me.

By the way, your not responsible for the last repair closing of the board were you?


I’ll bite, how’d ya do it.

I’ll give it a go.

Wow. My connection is much better than usual.

Way kewl. Dunno how they managed it, but if andros can’t double intentionally, it ain’t likely that anyone will be able to double accidentally.