German to English help please!

I am probably breaking a rule (or 5), but I need a translation in a hurry so here is the German text:

Sie bieten hier auf einen seltnenen Kadarnantrieb für BMW R4 mit vier Mitnehmerbolzen für das Hinterrad und 3-Senk Mitnehmerflansch mit Mitnehmergummi für Getriebeverbindung. Kadarngetriebe hat in der Werkstatt einen neuen Kegelradsatz erhalten, Kadarnwelle muss evtl. neu verchromt werden! Der Kadarn passt evtl. auch für BMW R2, R3, R35 wenn passende Hinterradfelgen mit vier Mitnehmerbolzenflansch vorhanden ist. Im Gehäuse befindet sich die Nummer F69F41A. Der Gesamtzustand ist in Ordnung, nur am Gehäuse befinden sich ein paar kleine Abplatzungen die wahrscheinlich vom Felgenausbau stammen. Die Funktion und Stabiltät ist dadurch aber nicht beeinträchtigt. Im eingebauten Zustand sind die Abplatzungen kaum sichtbar. Für die etwas schlechte Qualität der Bilder möchte ich mich entschuldigen.

Verpackung und Versand 9,70 Euro. eBay zahle ich, Versand der Käufer. Natürlich kann ich keine Garantie und kein Rückgaberecht auf den Kadarnantrieb geben ( Nach dem EU- Gesetzt ).


Google and altavista (among others) do automatic translations. Here’s what google had to say:

They offer here on a seltnenen Kadarnantrieb for BMW R4 with four carrier bolts for the rear wheel and 3-Senk driver flange with driver rubber for transmission connection. Kadarngetriebe received in the workshop a new bevel gear set, must to Kadarnwelle possibly again be chromium-plated! The Kadarn fits possibly also for BMW R2, R3, R35 if suitable rear wheel rims with four carrier bolt flange is present. In the housing is the number F69F41A. The total condition is correct, only at the housing is few small flakings a those probably from the rim development comes. The function and stablety are however not impaired thereby. In the inserted condition the flakings are hardly visible. For the somewhat bad quality of the pictures I would like to apologize. EBay I, dispatch of the buyers pay packing and dispatch 9.70 euro. Naturally I cannot give a warranty and no return right to the Kadarnantrieb (set after the European Union).

Ok, not very clean, but I hope it’s enough.

Naturally. Who would expect otherwise? I mean, seriously? Best of luck with your Kadarnantrieb, unclviny.

Unfortunately this is a standard disclaimer on German ebay. According to relatively recent EU/German law, all sales come with a two year warranty* which can be reduced to one year for preowned goods. Of course small sellers want to avoid that at all cost. Private sellers (and only those) can do so using a disclaimer. Many do so because they don’t want to give a one or even two year warranty on junk they found in their attic. Unfortunately (at least German) ebay is full of de-facto commercial sellers who just want to evade taxes and pose a private persons. In theory these disclaimers are void when used by them, but in practice that means little.

I’m not so sure about the return right. For a commercial seller disclaiming it wouldn’t be possible, but for a private seller it might.

  • My dictionary translates both “Gewährleistung” and “Garantie” as warranty, but this refers to “Gewährleistung”, rougly the legallly required minimum that covers only defects present at the time of sale and doesn’t include any voluntary extensions.

This could be a WAG but it makes sense to me. The copied text in the OP has a consistent misspelling.

I believe the real words to be spelled as:
Kardanantrieb=Cardan drive/motor
Kardangetrieb= Cardan Gear box/drive train/transmission
Kardanwelle =Cardan Shaft