Get a Grip, You goofy chick!

Note: All parties mentioned below are in their 40’s.

So my best buddy of 10 years gets in a fight with his girlfriend. She calls me up the next night, wants to come over. I say sure, maybe she wants to commiserate, rag on him, blah blah. No prob.

She comes over and wants to jump in bed for a pity fuck.
“Well, you are so nice, and he pissed me off”

I said,

1} You are just pissed, and want to get back at him. I don’t play that.
2) A piece of ass is not worth losing a friend.
3) Hi Opal
4) She said “Don’t tell Rick I came over”. I said, if he asks, I will not lie for you.

She got pissed off, and said, “some friend you are”
I told her to get fucked, and never try to get in the middle of my friendship with my buds. Now she “hates” me.

This ain’t fucking high school, you silly bitch.

Geez, now all I need is an 8-trak and a prom date.

I’ve gotten the ‘mad at the boyfriend’ sex before, but I wasn’t friends with the boyfriend so it was all good in my book.

Well done, Klaatu. (Sigh…)

Well Badtz, I know where you are coming from, been there, but this is just too close to home, so to speak.

It’s a “Don’t shit in the nest” kinda thing…

From I Will Not Lie For You by James Taylor:

I guess this is not an uncommon phenomenon. Good job Klaatu.

What did Opal say? :smiley:


If any of you wimmins out there get pissed off at your boyfriends, feel free to call me at 847-THE-BABE.


And don’t you just feel real good about the future of their relationship, if they make up?

Better not leave your breakfast dish in the sink! Hate to have the little lady fuck the mailman that day to teach you a lesson!

Socks on the bathroom floor? You’re asking for a gangbang, mister, ten guys on your girlfriend.

Me too. Only the boyfriend was a husband and I’m due in court soon to discuss it with regards to their divorce proceedings. Yay!