Get your head out of your butt, ESPN! (lame baseball rant)

Look, we know you like Barry Bonds. We all like him too. But every at-bat is not a fucking highlight, all right? You spent all the time for the Padres-Giants game on Barry. He walked once. He is not the end-all, be-all of the game. Cover the action, not just Barry!!!

Ya know, the Padres scored once? The pitcher for the Giants seemed to do pretty well. Maybe one of those was worth mentioning?? No? Just Barry’s at bats?

And will you PLEASE stop ignoring the Southern California teams!!! By this I mean the Dodgers and the Angels. Ya know, the Dodgers have won 4 in a row. They are tied for the best record in the National League. Just fought their way into a tie for 1st place in the toughest division in baseball? That’s worthy of mention, right?

Wrong. All you want to talk about is the stinking Twins. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a good team. But they are playing in a weak-ass division, and are STILL not playing as well as the Dodgers ot the Angels. You LOVE talking about the Red Sox and Yankees. And they are both doing pretty darn well. But get real! The AL East is full of whipping boys. Tampa Bay? Toronto? Baltimore? Please…:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Wake up and smell the coffee. The NL West is where the real competition is. And the Angels are better than everybody in the AL Central, and the AL East is weak

:wally :wally

I just needed to express that. The baseballboards are down.
Thanks for letting me share.

A doubleputz. Wow. You have trouble finding pants that fit right?

spooje – I’m a Yankee fan, but I fully support your complaint. I didn’t even notice that the Dodgers were doing that well, though I watch ESPN pretty regularly.

Other infamous ESPN biases:

Duke basketball
The Detroit Red Wings

Back, Back, Back. :stuck_out_tongue:
Have a good rant. :smiley:

Ummm, I was just watching the Dodgers vs the Rockies, and justed watched Ogbajani (or however the hell you spell his name) jack a grand slam off the Dodger pitcher, so I think your entire rant fails.

Plus, you have to realize that John Miller is ESPN’s lead baseball play-by-play man and he is also the lead play-by-play guy for guess who,—that’s right the Giants.

I don’t know why you’re bitching, do you think the Dodgers actually have ANY chance of taking the division away from the Diamondbacks?

Not bloody likely.

How does this mean his entire rant fails? Because ESPN decided to air a Dodger game? Let’s see, how many games today in that time period did ESPN have to choose from? Answer: one, the LA/Colorado game! And just because John Miller works for the Giants, that gives him the right skew his coverage toward them when he is on another network? What are you going on about??

Yeah, I’m getting pretty sick of Barry Bonds, too. And look at my location.

(I’ll skip the why-the-Dodgers-are-ignored part, it’s too easy :wink: )

What exactly do you mean by skew his coverage towards them. I don’t think that John Miller gets to choose the ESPN games that he works, that is something that is worked out between ESPN & the Giants broadcasting division.

Now the real question is why the fuck isn’t Miller the broadcaster for the Orioles anymore?

Wait, I know the answer to that one, 'cause Peter Angelos is an asshole.


I didn’t when the season began. I do now. They are playing damn good baseball.

Our lead-off man has an OBP near .400, we have a rookie-of-the-year canidate,Ishii, with 9 wins, Odalis Perez is baffling hitters, Eric Gagne looks to be THE closer of the future in the NL, Shawn Green is lighting up, Paul Lo Duca is hitting like he did last year, Brian Jordan(yeah, JORDAN) has a more HR’s and a better average than Gary Sheffield, Erick Karros(Yeah, KARROS) is hitting over .300 AND getting key hits with runners in scoring positions…etc…

The point is that the Dodgers and Angels are guenuine contenders, and are being ignored.

It’s gonna be cool to see what the NL West can do with the AL East. We are gonna spank the Red Sox when they come to Dodger Stadium.

I LOVE interleague play!!!