Get your pro wrestling name here

Get your pro wrestling name here.My names are

Real Name:Cell Block Sam

SDMB/FFF user name: Jumpin’ Jerry

LJ name: Greasy Pete


Real name --> Vinny da Fist

My SDMB name --> ahem, The Poontangler. Well, I never.

(Going by Dave instead of David)


(Going by David)


(Going by David and my middle name)


(Going by Dave and my middle name)



This is fishy. I got Wacky Weiner Boy when I submitted my first name as Robert.

As Rob, I took Greasy Pete.

This is a tainted thread.

flup by example

Real name got me The Sheik of Physique.
SDMB name got me Fireman Fred.

Personally, I prefer the former. From this point forward, I think I’ll insist my wife address me by my new name. :smiley:
[sub]However, I bet she comes up with a new name after I bring this up[/sub]

Real name also produced The Sheik of Physique for me.

Interestingly enough, so did my SDMB username. They must really want me to be the Sheik.

My real name resulted in this: Captain Underpants

My SDMB name got this response: Knuckles Dakota

Time to start laying the SMACKDOWN on some folks!

Well, there goes my pro wrestling career.

Real Name: Mister Ordinary
SDMB: Minnesota Knuckles

Professor Molesto.

bwahahahaha! i couldn’t have come up with a better moniker myself.


I am the satanic ruler of yo’ trailer park!

Real name, short version of first name: Beelzebubba
Real name, long version of first name: Fireman Fred
August Derleth: Major Mayhem
Joey Ramone: The Machine (aka The Crusher)


I’m gonna wrestle in the Garden
I’m on my way to stardom!

Stephen Close: Butt Whoopin Bubba
Shaft Damnright: Captain Underpants
Bill Clinton: The Giant Dwarf
Al Gore: Captain Underpants
George Bush: The Snackmaster
Dick Cheney: Beelzebubba

This is too much fun.


OG SMASH!: Mister Macho

And finally, the winnah and still champeen, Impaler of Ignorance, Slapper of Dopes, Kicker of Kooks:

Cecil Adams: Snortin’ Joe Dogbreath

Godly Wang: The Ku Klux Klown

Damn. Racist wang.

Harry S.Crotum

I like it!

I AM Beezelbubba

meet my older brother THE GIANT DWARF

sniff, momma would be so proud.

blur on an unrelated note is your name Aaron Collins?

Fools! Bow before the might of…uh…Fireman Fred.

Tries SDMB name

The Mortician? Okay, that’s better…

Using my full name gets me The Giant Dwarf, and substituting Bobby for Robert, I get Harry S.Crotum.

I guess my guidance counsellor was right.

Cecil Adams has a promising career as Snortin’ Joe Dogbreath. Ed Zotti had better stick to his day job, however, as The Screaming Monkey-Boy is unlikely to command much respect.

Fools! Kneel before the might of:

The Big Mahoney!
That was my real name. Using Superdude, I got Jumpin’ Jerry. And my LJ name netted me Harry S. Crotum.

The POONTANGLER will take on all comers!