What's your wrasslin' name?

Before this weekend’s Philly DopeFest I saw my old friend from high school Eric, who these days is a part-time ring announcer for World Xtreme Wrestling. Eric’s handle in the ring is “Eazy-E”, but he’s been thinking about changing it to either “East Coast E” or “Maveric”.

Anyway, that got me thinking–what’s my wrasslin’ name? And don’t I need good guy and bad guy handles? The ones I came up with are:

Good guy: Duke Skywalker
Bad guy: Professor Slim

What’s yours?

I’d be a lumberjack from Canada named Le Grand. I’d carry a huge ax and wear a wool, red-and-black plaid shirt. I’d have a great big beard and long crazy hair. I’d do all of my promos from deep in the heart of the forrests surrounding the Canadian Rockies.
My main moves would be the Polar Bear Powerbomb, the Canuck Catapult, and I’d do lots of double axe-handle chops. :smiley:

[sub]I used to be in an online wrestline league, and that was the character I created. I wrote promos for him and he turned into a really popular good-guy/world champ.[/sub]

I’d try to be “Big Shirtless Rod”, like from the Simpsons, but I’d settle for “Gringo Loco”

“The Masked Mask Guy With the Mask”

nonono… you should be FunGuy: Lord of Spores.

De-natured Boy (obscure rasslin reference…wonder if anyone will get it)

either that or Kid Kinetic

hehe yes someone will get it. As for myself I’d wanna be called The Guy that is scary lookin’ hell I don’t know not all that original when it comes to the name department.

The Pernicious Penguin.

In the E-fed I’m in, I’ve got two very amusing characters: The Court Jester, a spastic, hyperactive, ADHD-“suffering” skinny-guy “high-flyer”, and Mike the Chicken Eater, a dumb, stupid hick who… uh… has an obsession with chickens. The two of them create The Sideshow, and boy, are they fun to roleplay.

But for ME… I would be known simply as “Underpants”. I believe I need no further explanation. My entrance theme would be the background jingle from Hanes’ commercials.

Well, being female, I would choose Minx. Kind of like mink (i.e. Sable) and minx means pert, flirty, wanton. I’d come out in skin-tight leather and a (faux!) mink wrap, and kick some ass! Of course, I’d have to lose about 40 pounds… <sigh>

I’d be TRACTOR ASS. Kind of in the same vein as Hilbilly Jim, except I’d be a bad guy. The overweight farmer who is extra-sensative about his size-- Nice guy 90% of the time, but I’d randomly snap and shout “AWR YUU LOOKIN AT MA LOUV HAYNDLES??” and then kick some serious ass.

I don’t know why I feel I have to comment on other’s wrasslin’ names without having one of my own. Maybe you could be two-trip. I know a guy with that nick name because everytime he hauls ass it takes him two trips.

My brother, an actual pro wrestler in a small-time local wrestling league, has the name “Griz”. If you’ve ever seen him, you know why.

I actually thought of joining the same league, with the name “Scrawny Mofo”. I would be the annoying, loud-mouth, obnoxious wrestler that only ever gets in a good move by cheating. The crowd would love to see my scrawny ass get bodyslammed through a table. :slight_smile:

First of all… I came across this thread and laughed my ass off… it literally fell off my hips and hit the floor! I’m a new CA transplant (what the fuck is wrassling)?? to Saint Louis (Where I have a neighbor who wants to be a pro wrestler…he’s 6’3", 150 pounds… think about that… and go by the name “American Bad-ass”…I’m not joking) So this whole thread absolutely SLAYED me!!! I still have tears in my eyes!! But to stick with the theme of the thread (something I have trouble doing), if I was a wrassler…I’d have to go with SUMMER’S EVE… I’d come out in a bathrobe, slippers, showercap, and rubber hose over my shoulder… battlecry of course would be, “YOU GIVING ME A NOT SO FRESH FEELING!!! I GOTS TO CLEAN ME SOME STANK”!!!

I needed that laugh. Thanks.

Jew Boy.

I think the Moyle might be a little better for a “wrassler”.

Like SPOOFE Bo Diddly, I am also involved in E-Feds. I’d have to be King Buddy, king of a long sunken Island in the Caspian sea. (Man On the Moon Reference.) King Buddy is a croquet weilding man who’s suffered far too many blunt head wounds. (I wonder if anyone will get THAT reference to an obscure comedy stage-play!)

E-Fedding is a lot of fun, and there are some great fun feds out there.

I got your Flair reference, Heath.

Now, if I was to go with a cooler name, it’d be Alexander “The Mongoose” Strider.

So, this begs the question: Are any dopers Backyard Wrestlers?

Either “The Calligrapher” or “Ostrich Sack”.

I love you, Tequila.

Dolores, you an me R gonna hafta do this girlie fightin thing, cause I am Minks. No faux mink here - I’ll wear two of the real, live thing.