Getting random notifications of new and unread threads that don't exist

Every time I’ve visited the boards today I’ve had notifications of threads that don’t exist. It will say I have one “new topic” in a category, I click on it and nothing is there. The same for replies. Also in some cases of replies, there are topics but they haven’t been replied to in weeks. One of them hadn’t been replied to since last October. If I leave the boards and come back, these notifications disappear. But then new ones will show up.

I’m not sure this will even post because this message just popped up: “This site is in read only mode. Please continue to browse, but replying, likes, and other actions are disabled for now.” I am logged in so I’m not sure what is going on.

Anyone else having issues?

Same thing just happened to me at the same time as you.

Went to my history and got back on through the back door but I lost my place.

I was composing my post when I saw that message but it seems to have gone through ok. I’m still showing a “new topic” in General Questions that doesn’t exist. There are no other new topics or replies, though it is 2:30 in the morning. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you and I just pass through the same worm hole at the same time? Weird.

I hope you brought snacks.

Perhaps we have been banished from the kingdom. Exiled. Marooned.

I do see that someone else is here and just posted. So we are not alone. :grinning: Maybe this happens every night around 2:30 and we got to witness it firsthand.

But I still want to know why I’m getting phantom notifications. I hope I’m not the only one experiencing this. I don’t want a ghost in my machine.

I don’t want one of them virus thingies either🖖🏼

You’re not alone, but we may not be in the same universe.

It could be deleted spam causing the notifications.

I did get a notification a couple weeks ago that turned out to be deleted spam. But yesterday I had a least a couple dozen notifications that didn’t exist at all and another dozen or so of old threads with no new replies that I had not even been tracking in the first place.

Today everything seems back to normal. And it looks like no one else experienced this so who knows what was going on.

Maybe unrelated, but yesterday I got a notification two different times while I was replying in a thread, saying something like, reply is being edited in another window, please reload the page. I only had one reply open. In one, I copied the whole reply, reloaded, and found it had my message in progress intact. The second time, when I reloaded, it had lost a couple of sentences at the end.