Ghost Recon. Xbox. Live. AWSOME!

Anyone who is still trying to decide what game to get to start out on Xbox live should get GR. IT is sweet as hell. There are some game finding issues right now, but the game is so much fun to sit and talk to your team mates instead of typing.

As well as sitting on your couch with a beer in your hand instead of hunched over your desk in front of a 17" monitor.

Your gonna tell me that there isn’t a damn person on SDMB on Live? I find that hard to believe.

Not until Xmas. My nipples are still hard for Halo 2…

You do know that Halo 2 is next xmas, right? As in xmas 2003.

Anyway, yea, I started a thread about XBL a few after it launched and noticed that there are precious few dopers interested in the subject.
As far as Ghost Recon, I thought it was a great game, but the missions were a little too small for online play and had very little replay value imho. Hopefully they will come out with new maps to download or similar games with larger missions and better replay value.

One note on replay value… Microsoft just announced in Jan there will be new levels, 2 new mechs and a CTF option downloadable for Mechassault over Xbox Live.

sorry for the hijack.