Giant zit

Post 29 in this thread links to a YouTube video of a guy squeezing a gigantic zit. Ooh, it’s disgusting! The zit is about the size of half a ping pong ball, and the stuff coming out of it is often fairly solid.

  1. How long does it take a zit that big to grow?

  2. Had the guy gone to a doctor (which I would have before it reached that point!) would the doctor have sliced it open with a scalpel? Or would he have lanced it and squeezed it?

  3. What’s the difference between a zit and a boil?

I don’t want to click on your link- I get enough of that at work, but I can tell you that a cyst, especially an inflamed one, looks a lot like a giant zit. An epidermal cyst is cyst material inside a pouch just under the skin. They can become infected, which makes them very inflamed and painful, and usually require antibiotics. They can be surgically removed- I’ve assisted with hundreds- but may not be covered by insurance.

A zit is a comodone or “pimple”, caused by the p. acnes bacteria and can be resolved through intralesional Kenalog (steroid) and/or maintenance antibiotics and/or topical products.

Oh yeah- if you go to the doctor while it’s inflamed, he will indeed lance it (which is slicing it open with a scalpel) and squeeze it. It’s quite nasty with the green puss and the smell. I stand back. Way back.

My link is just a link to the thread, which isn’t about giant zits. The link you don’t want to click is in post 29. :wink:

I think I know which video you’re talking about and it is pretty disgusting. Isn’t it supposed to be a spider bite or bot fly larva? It’s not just a zit, I’m sure.

I don’t know. While the video is in English, the text and comments are in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish. I didn’t see any larvae though.

There’s various purported “giant zit” videos on the net. I think there’s even one of a horse’s giant zit getting squeezed out.

Minus any factual sources otherwise, the good bet is that they’re cysts or an abscess (which are possibly the same thing, IANAD) but are being called a zit so people click the link wondering just how big a zit could possibly be.

EDIT: Have fun~!

Careful about squeezing big zits. You never know who’s inside.

I used to work with a guy who had scars all over his body where he had sebaceous glands cut out. They would get clogged and swell up like giant zits but when you squeezed them hard enough - in his words - “ramen noodles” would come out.

You forgot about the joy of packing material, with the tail sticking out to assist with the drainage into the dressing… and the repacks (which are done without anesthesia of the local type)

I had a nice juicy one on the back, and wished I could have seen the procedure, but didn’t have a mirror handy.

I loves me a good zit/cyst/abscess viewing. :eek: