Gilmore Girls 10-7

I was wondering…
Last season we saw that Loreli and Suki bought the Dragon Fly Inn. Why are they catering kids birthday parties instead of working at the Inn?

If the Inn wasn’t open yet why are they not working at the Independance Inn until it is ready? Afterall they were bossom buddies with the owner of that Inn.

How much money did Loreli get from her father last season. You know the money he invested for her when she was a kid.

Did you see Rory cut her hair by like 5-7" What do you think?
I think she looks more college age.

Is Lane coming back to the series?

I guess Jesse is not coming back because he is currently the heart throb on Boston Public.

I don’t remember what the deal is with the Independence Inn, but Michel is in the opening credits. I hope this means he will be working at the Dragonfly Inn (I miss him).

I seem to remember the investment money came to about $70,000.

Jess moved to California to live with his father. There was rumor of a spin-off series that didn’t happen.

Lane is also still featured in the opening credits.

It’s interesting to see them introduce a whole new cast of characters, and I understand that they need to do so to keep the series fresh, but I think they’re still trying to regain the pacing that last season had.

Also… why is Rory being such a crab?

I agree they have a whole new cast yet did you notice none of them is getting credit in the beginning?

I think Rory is crabby just cause she is spreading her wings.

Lane was in one scene last night.

I think they are catering parties on the side because they need more money to fix up the inn.

Lane is supposed to be back, but I don’t know… I’d almost rather not see her than have her so mis-used like she was last night. No, I’ll take Lane in almost any way (except when she was a cheerleader – WTF?). According to the promo, Dean is back in the next episode. Probably since his MacGyver show didn’t get picked up.

I think they need more time to introduce the new characters before they get to be on the credits. I don’t know… the students seem really annoying.


You mean Lorelai and Sooie.

It’s still being renovated.

There was a bad fire at the Independence Inn last season. It was closed indefinitely and the owner was considering not reopening at all.

$75,000. Much of that went right back to Emily, to pay off Rory’s Chilton tab.

I meant “Sookie,” of course.

I hadda be a wise guy…