Gilmore Girls - The UnGraduate - 9/27/05

So, it looks like Luke will accept Paul Anka, but probably only because he loves Lorelei, and for because of any affection he has for the mutt.

Rory seems to be having second thoughts about not going back to school this semester.

Paris has turned into the friend from Hell for Lorelei, and has alienated everyone at the Dragonfly.

Lorelei tells Luke why she doesn’t want to set a wedding date yet.

TJ finds out he’s not really a contractor (“That’s the beauty of a Mystic hammer, TJ.”)

But the most important question, I feel, is how the heck did the Hep Aliens clear $9000 in only two months of playing small church youth groups?

(And is anyone else trying to figure out why 40-something Sebastian Bach is hanging out with a bunch of college-sophmore aged kids?)

Seventh-Day Adventists don’t know that band t-shirts don’t usually sell for $100 a pop. (Also, Brian has been servicing the Christian chicks on the side for cash).

< snerk > Thjat’s funny.
I said to a friend of mine that Lane and Brian were obviously being pimped out along the way.

So how do you think Rory and Lorelei are going to be next week at the christening for Sookie’s baby? I don’t think it’s going to go as well as Sookie wishes. Seems to me that this rift between the Gilmore Girls will last most of the season.

(And if I may hijack my own thread, h.sapiens,is that you in the ads on Jeopardy when they’re are advertising the website?

Let’s say they have 3 gigs a week- get room & board from church members, and get paid $500 a pop.

$1500 x 8= $12000.

One totally unrealistic aspect- them being so hungry. Folks, we church people may deny ourselves boozing & smoking & carousing, but we can eat. Now granted, these are Seventh-Day Adventist churches (I have a feeling the script writers really don’t know SDA that well- even C’tian rock is kinda suspect to them), and SDA recommends a vegan diet, so I can understand how they may be dying for meat, but still they’d have been filled with veggies & whole grains out the wazoo.

Did anybody think we were going to see the van wreck as the driver passed out in the last moments of the show?

I’ve watched a couple of episodes and liked them, so I put it on a Season Pass. Now I’m wondering if I should start at the beginning, via NetFlix.

How important is the background in this series? I hate to start in the middle of something good.

If you get ABC Family, *Gilmore Girls * reruns are on every afternoon.

Background is good. I love to watch the old episodes, but it’s not strictly necessary. I like to see the every present, ever growing attraction between Luke and Lorelei.

I would. Like DeVena said, you can enjoy the show without knowing about Rory’s time in high school, or the backstory of why Lorelei and her parents don’t get along, but it does make the show more enjoyable.

I thought the same thing. Xtians love to feed guests. And considering they stayed at people’s houses along the way there is no way they went hungry.

It totally pointed in that direction didn’t it? Weird. I bet the whole band story for this episode was really a left over from an early draft of the script that had them crashing and having to use the money they made to get the van fixed and get home. In rewrites that was dropped but they still wanted to have the band in the episode.
And did anyone else think the band sounded terrible at the gig.

I usually HATE TJ… but I thought he had some of the best lines in this episode.

“We called it the dead pig room”

I loved the line about TJ “He has terrible instincts but fortunately he has zero follow-through so it all works out” :slight_smile:

TJ makes me grind my teeth and move heavy objects away so I don’t throw them at the tv.

There were also getting paid for gigs.

Let’s see…two months. Let’s say they did 4 shows a week–that’s 32 shows. Let’s also say they got $400 per show…thats $12800. Let’s also say they sold an average of 10 t-shirts per show at $10 a pop…that’s $3200. Now they’re at $16,000, but they had to buy gasoline, which I understand is getting expensive nowadays (I don’t drive and don’t know how much mileage a van like Gil’s would get, and we don’t know how far they went)…but let’s say they spent $3000 on gas ($375 a week). Thus far they’ve netted $13000…but they had to eat, and buy toothpaste and shampoo (for a while) and, ah, feminine products for lane. So they spent $3950 on essentials, which is about $493 a week.

Doable. But irritating.

Should’ve read your post before I did my own math. Anyway, I think they were hungry IN BETWEEN gigs…on the road.

[QUOTE=Sean Factotum]
Paris has turned into the friend from Hell for Lorelei, and has alienated everyone at the Dragonfly.


Yes, but she was also very, very hot in this episode. No friends? Easy to figure. Boyfriend? The second she wants one.

Is still don’t buy it. From where are they getting $400/show? Where I come from, good bands playing in a good bar command no more than $5 at the door. This is a lame, unknown band playing in a church basement. I find it very unlikely that there’s a cover of any kind. Even if it was a buck or two, the church has to keep some of that. And even if we allow that the band got a portion of the door, how many people were at the show we saw? Could they really have been averaging better than 20 people/show?

Since they have no cd to sell, their only other revenue source is t-shirts. I find it difficult to believe that before the “tour” they could afford to buy much of a supply.

Even if they didn’t pay for one single meal, there no way they cleared enough for gas, ear plugs and Brian’s methadone.

On an unrelated matter, what are the chances of a nasty freeway accident involving TJ and Michele?

Paris has had several of them including Michael York and the current one.

I have to agree that Paris was being much more annoying than usual, but then again I think she hit it right on the head when she said that Lorelai was really keeping her around as a connection to Rory. Small doses of Paris and Michel are ok by me. But only small doses.

If this baby shower goes well, I will drink beer from Miss Patty’s shoes.

Oh, I knew abou the boyfriends (3, if I recall aright: the college boy she lost her virginity to while in high school; Asher Fleming; and Jonathan form Buffy. I was just making an obviously bad joke that the reason for her lack of friends is her lack of social skills, and that guys wouldn’t care much about the social skills because she was looking unusually beautiful last night.

Lane’s Mom planned the band tour- she is a friggin’ force of nature. You don’t think she squeezed every SDA pastor she knew even remotely for what she could get for her kid’s band? The SDA was founded by a strong woman & I’m sure strong women still run it (they just let men be the pastors).

Brian’s methadone- that’s good :smiley:

And to your final Q- not nearly high enough!

I’m new to the GG… having been skeptical of its worth in the past, I now eat my words.

I’ve watched all of the prior seasons, and I’m really digging the latest (my first with new eps.)

Love the Lorelai/Luke combo but I’m really hating Rory right now. She seems completely lost, which I get as a plot line, but to have her relationship with her mother affected? I don’t buy it, given Lorelai’s past and her commitment to her daughter.

I can’t wait for the next ep though… the preview showed Rory evidencing some serious Lorelai attitude.

Except they were in the same place last year after Dean and Rory slept together. Rory even left the continient for summer to get away.

Ah! Touche!

I bow to your superior GG knowledge. Remember I’m new, go gentle.

Would you care to get into a Buffy-off? I know I can fare well there.

Give me until I get the DVD’s and can watch the eps with the attention they deserve for the GG…

In all seriousness, I think this is one of the smartest and most engrossing shows on TV in a long, long while.

Not quite the same place: Rory was attempting to escape the situation with Dean mroe than she was trying to get away from her mother, and didn’t quite cut her off. The current situation is less a repetition than it is a continuation of a theme. Lorelai has a great fear of become as distant with Rory as Emily is with her; she knows it’s possble, hence her reluctance to use the Mom card.