Gilmore Girls - The Perfect Dress - 1/10/06

Well, we’re done with the winter haitus and back in Star’s Hollow.

I for one am glad that Luke wants to be closer to his daughter. Who knew that the child hater would feel like he’s missed out on something by not being there when his daughter was growing up? Not I, that’s for sure. I did think that Anna Nardini would have asked Luke about Liz while they were still doing the small-talk at the beginning of his visit. (Liz remembered Anna). And didn’t Sherrilyn Fenn play Jess’s stepmother on that one episode out in California?

Rory breaking down in the psychiatrist’s office. Is she pissed at Logan for saying “I love you” or afraid of getting hurt like with Dean and Jess?
(And sorry, Alexis, but I didn’t buy it. Your crying just didn’t seem real to me. But I liked the rest of the scene, so you are forgiven. You are so much better than you were the first couple of shows, though.)

Favorite scene - When Paris is taking off her jacket while showing Rory the apartment the first time. 'Nuff said on that subject.

Worst scene - Sookie’s BFOTB rant. Okay we get it. You want to have a second wedding, and you know that Lorelei will let you. But sometimes the groom really does care about things and should have a say.

I’m confused by the preview for next week. Didn’t Luke already tell Loreli about his daughter?

Nope. And she is going to be so pissed off. Remeber how she kept saying last night that it was too easy to get married this time and that there has got to be a catch somewhere? Be careful what you wish for, honey - you just may get it.

I think the whole Luke’s daughter story line is awful. It just doesn’t fit in. This is a small community and he never realizes that one of his ex girlfriends is pregnant. Even if she does live one little town over.

I think they’ve Jumped the Shark.

Jumped? Not yet, but the motorcycle is revving up.

It’s been 15 yrs since TWIN PEAKS, and she’s still Fenn-tastic! G

Anytime the couple that couldn’t get together… get’s together, the show is in danger of jumping the shark. Now that L & L are together, they had to introduce the new love triangle. You watch, Luke is (at the very least) going to be tempted by his ex girlfriend, and mother of his newly found daughter.


It’s amazing how much the father of Luke’s daughter looks like the woman who was the live-in girlfriend of Jess’s father.

Luke’s not the kind of guy who comes around again like a puppy dog. If he and Hottie McFenn-y broke up it’s quite possible he just never heard about her having a baby. Luke’s not a terribly social guy. I don’t know who would have told him. Maybe the couple at that restaurant he took Lorelai to. But it seems that it is just as easy to explain it away that Hottie McFenn-y asked the mnot to tell him or told them he wasn’t the father.
The show is close to shark jumping…but damn the kid who plays Luke’s daughter is cuter than heck.

Luke looks llike Jess’s almost-stepmother? :wink:

Hey, since Fenn and Machen Amick (Rory’s stepmother) have made it here, how long before Lara Flynn Boyle shows up?

This seems a reasonable explanation to me as to why Luke knew nothing of April. And I’m willing to wait and see how this storyline plays out before I agree to any shark-sightings.

IMO, the best parts of this episode were those with angry Lane and her mother.

Oh, I forgot about those scenes.
Mrs Kim: “You forgot to give her a kick to the rear on her way out.” I never knew the woman had sarcasm in her. It’s a nice change to see her as more social than Lane. At least for a little bit.

Oh, Lane’s Mom has shown sarcasm. Any other sense of humor- naw.

It was good to see the gal cut loose once, after closing all the curtains and
blocking all the windows.

Have we ever had any explanation for Mr. Kim’s absence? Death or divorce?

Yes, Cherilyn Fenn (sp?), the actress who played Anna in this GG episode was Jess’s stepmom in his short-lived spin-off . . . some wacky semi-incestuous things going on there.

But I’m not sure there’s 'nuff said about the Paris scene with the jacket . . . I don’t remember it. :frowning:

(I mean, the “Welcome to the apartment” scene, yes - the jacket part, no.)

Oh, and by the way, am I the only one who thought that dress (though pretty on the mannequin) looked GOD-AWFUL on Lorelei?

Perfect, my ass.

She was kind of hopping up and down while removing it. That motion made her girly-parts jiggle in a most fetching manner.

I agree wholeheartedly. Lorelai has SO much more class and style than that! Ick.

I’m surprised that Mrs. Kim was able to unwind enough to do shots with her daughter! Do you think they’ll be able to become friends?

Yeah, where has Mr. Kim been all these years? He was partly visible (I believe) when Lane was getting in the family car on the way to drop her off at the airport when she was going to Korea.

And I hope they’re not jumping the shark. It’s the culmination of two people who have been meaning to get together for how many years?? Maybe it will enrich the story and bring the show to another level. But man I don’t know where April would fit in if they did get married. Rory and April would be stepsisters! :eek: So weird…

For my money, Paris is the only character who remains interesting. She’s just comic relief (in a comedy), but her character is a good caricature of the hyper-driven student.

Rory and Lorelai ran out of things to say two years ago, as did the rest of the town. Emily and Richard are one-trick ponies, and are played out. TV weddings almost always have sharks swimming below them.

Lane professing her independence, then turning into an amped up version of her mother, was embarrassingly predictable.

Yeah, I’m sick of this show. Except for Paris.

Oh, well that explains it. I tend to overlook jiggling girly parts. :wink:

Yeah, we have Tivo and DeHusband had to rewind several times to watch the boucing Paris.

What was funny was when Lorelai was wearing the dress, he said “Perfect? How can it be perfect? It has a bow on the butt; any woman with hips would never wear a bow on her butt. And she looked lumpy at the waist. Shouldn’t she have worn a long line bra to be smoother?” <<sniff>> He’s learning. He actually has paid attention to my ranting all these years. I’ll keep him. :wink:

I’m confused about Lane. What is she supposed to be mourning? Why isn’t she living with Zack and Brian? Apparently she’s still seeing Zack, because he dropped by obviously wanting some quality time (and did they ever sleep together?), so what made her leave their apartment?

BTW, according to IMDB trivia, Lane’s father lives with Lane and her mother, but never appears in the show.