Gilmore Girls 2/28 - Bridesmaid Revisited (open spoilers)

Packed episode! I did not like Logan and Rory breaking up. They really work well together, and having them reconcile yet again would seem ultra-contrived. I’m afraid this means a permanent breakup. Of course, the same is not true for Paris and Doyle, who are obviously destined for each other. Anyone who can miss Paris after she threw him out during a screaming, irrational fight will love her through anything. The writers probably just split up Paris and Doyle so that Rory would have a place to go after she and Logan (regrettably) split.

I liked the spoiled Gigi plot-- it rang true that Christopher would be a less-than-perfect father and would want to make up for Sherry being gone, and Lorelai, true to form, offered to help. I’m wondering how Luke is going to react to that now that he understands fatherhood a bit better. Also, Lorelai is obviously feeling strange about how much Luke is keeping her apart from April; maybe she’s using Gigi as a substitute, or possibly for revenge.

So Zack and Lane are engaged!  That was sudden.  I'm surprised she agreed so easily.  It didn't seem like he was proposing to get her back in the band, but why the whole band re-forming plot if he was just going to propose and not mention it?  Are Zack and Lane really that good a match?  Why can't we have the dramatic return of Dave Ragowski?

I just had an awful thought.  Maybe, now that Logan and Rory are broken up, they'll re-introduce the "Jess returns" plot from earlier in the season.  I hope not.

Does anyone think Rory and Logan are broken up for good? 

And I loved the Bat-Mitzvah scene.  Rockin' Hava Nagila!  (Though I've never actually heard that played at a Bat Mitzvah, or any other self-respecting Jewish event.)

All in all, a pretty good episode. I give it a B+.

So Zack and Lane are engaged! That was sudden. I’m surprised she agreed so easily.

I have a hard time seeing them together. She’s much more of a deep thinker than he is…I wonder if that would work.

I loved seeing Sebastian Bach again…I had to laugh at his version of *Hollaback Girls. *

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that Rory and Logan are broken up. Pre-Logan, Rory was much more interesting and seemed ‘deeper’ as a person. But as soon as she got with Logan, it was all about shopping, parties, traveling (but on a superficial level, not the experiencing life adventure she had with Lorelai after high school). Her hooking up with Logan seemed too perfect and I don’t like that. I thought her initial relationship with Dean was good because it exposed her to a different kind of life. Logan’s life seems too extravagant for Rory and really turns her into a not so nice person.

But I agree that Jess coming back would be nothing but badness. Oi.

Lane and Zack getting engaged was surprising, and I think they won’t make it. If only Adam Brody could leave the OC to come back as the perfect Dave Ragowski…sigh.

I still wonder what’s going to happen with Lorelai and Luke. If they make up, then what’s after that? If they break up, then it will be weird again. It seems like a lose-lose situation.

MrsB loves this show, and I have to admit I don’t mind being in the room when it’s on, especially when Sebastian Bach is on the screen.

18 and life you know it, 18 and life to go

I think the romantic breakup is permanent, but I could see Rory eventually accepting Logan as a friend. He’s the one who introduced her to the lifestyle of the rich and shameless, and I think, for better or worse, that’s part of who she is now.

Doyle is good for Paris, and so is Rory. I think Paris has figured out the latter and will eventually realize the former as well. In an odd way, Paris is good for Rory, too; she’s the only one on the show who knows Rory and doesn’t treat her with unconditional adoration.

At this point, I don’t know what Luke is thinking. April has obviously bonded with Lane, so it’s not like Luke feels he has to protect her from all of Stars Hollow. I think Lorelai letting Christopher back into her life will cause problems (it always seems to).

I also can’t believe she said “yes” so quickly. IMO Lane and Zach are not a good match. While I think Zach really cares for her (at least to the extent he can care about anyone other than himself), I think that ultimately, Zach will be Lane’s Christopher.

Me too. I’m hoping that was just a sweeps month stunt.

Gil is awesome! If only we could see more of him without seeing more of Zach :smiley:

I say A-.

Regarding Jess and Logan, here are some spoilers from the next episode (doesn’t air until April 11). These are from

Logan and Rory are still a couple, however things are somewhat tense. Luke stops by where Jess works/lives in Philidelphia while he’s there.

I thought the episode where Jess came back and talked some sense into Rory was a pretty good payoff for all the crappy Jess episodes earlier.

Anyone else see the article about the show finishing up after next season? Lauren Graham says she’s ready to move on as are the Palladinos.

By the way (and I only noticed this because I’m neurotic), when Rory called, Lorelai was reading one of my favorite books of poetry, Billy Collins’ Sailing Alone Around The Room. It’s a great choice, but it seems sort of out of character for Lorelai.

According to TV Guide:

The actor who plays Logan is signed on for the rest of this season, and 13 episodes next season. He’s not going anywhere.

I’m also guessing that all these appearances by Jess are to “stir up excitement” for his new show, also on the WB.

Christopher is trying to compensate not only for Gigi’s crappy mother, but for his own history as a crappy father. So far he’s failing miserably. That said, I think that Lorelai should maintain minimal involvement. Nothing good ever comes of forgetting how very needy and undepenable Christopher is.

I doubt very much that Lane and Zack’s engagement will last the season. As for Luke and Lorelai’s, it’s as though the writers have forgotten who either of these people are. Since when does Lorelai sit around a mope silently? Since when does Luke not have an overpowering urge to introduce Lorelai to anyone who’s important to him? He always subjected his girlfriends to her, why not his daughter?

I would pay cash for a copy of Sebastian Bach’s “Hollaback Girl” followed by Gil’s “girl power” speech. More if it were accompanied with his rendition of “My Humps”

Glad Rory & Logan are over. I like Zach as a character. I’m amused when he’s on screen. However, I don’t want him to marry Lane -
speculation (I haven’t read any spoilers, just guessing, but throwing it in a spoiler box anyway)

It feels like it’s setting up for a wedding switch, either Lane & Zach are going to get married on L&L’s wedding day because the hall couldn’t cancel or something. Or L&L will end up getting married when Lane comes to her senses and ditches Zach at the altar

amarinth, your spoiler is what I assume the writers are setting up.

No one made made a Ross/Rachel reference. “We we on a break!”

If Doyle had been someone hunky like Jess or that guy whose now on Supernatural. How would the scene outside the bar have played out?

But oh dear God, don’t let him be moving like Fergie does! :eek:

I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen, but I said out loud at least three times, “PLEASE don’t let Rory and Doyle hook up!” I have had visions of the shark, and the shark is the Rory/Doyle hookup. Eeee.

I’m kind of happy about Lane and Zach getting engaged. It seems to fit their relationship style. They’re young rockers, in a band together, and Lane’s come into her own through doing things her own way. Zach’s learned that he can’t live without her, and that will go a long way in solving whatever problems they had as a couple. Let me also say: Is it just me, or does anyone else wish we’d seen a lot more of Lane and Hep Alien and a lot less of the Yale Brat Pack over the past two seasons? I feel like there’s this other other, more interesting story going on that we’re just not seeing much of. Do I even have to add that Brian and Gil were freaking hilarious in this episode? Yeah.

Lastly, I’m the only person ever to like Jess. I think he should get more airtime, have a chance prove his newfound maturity, and get with Rory. They can move into a crappy apartment in NYC and read and write together for the rest of their days. I know I’m alone in this fantasy. :slight_smile:

It’s not just you. I enjoy, and care about, Lane and the band much more than Logan’s Life and Death Brigade buddies. There’s no question who I’d rather devote that airtime to.

I could get behind Rory and new, together-guy Jess. I enjoyed his last appearance. I had zero patience with angry-young-man Jess, but I also had no patience with whiny insecure Dean, and I spent all of season four wondering why Rory was still obsessing over her high-school boyfriends, when she had all the men of Yale available to her.

I really liked this episode.

It seems that whenever the show strays away from the “The rich are just really shitty people” theme they have stuck the last few seasons, they do something like this episode to shake it up and remind us.
The Martha’s Vineyard episode was a perfect example. It said a lot about Rory’s character development that when Logan’s dad showed up and scolded Logan and took the reigns of his life again, that Rory didn’t protest. In the past Rory would have (and did in one episode IIRC) told Logan that he didn’t have to do what his dad said and that he could be his own man. Now Rory knows that Logans meal ticket and by extension her new found comfort in money-life, would be changed if Logan walked away from the Huntzberger legacy.

Now with this episode I am hoping that they are done with Rory’s infatuation with the life her mother never had and she gets back to the real world. I’d like to see them play with Rory now having to live like a college student with no discernable income. Maybe bring back that boy who liked Rory that she chose Logan over.

The whole Luke/Lor/April thing has gotten old. I love the April character and Lorelai not interacting with her means less of her on the show… not good in my book.

The Lane plots have been pretty good this season. Last season I got kind of bored of them. The Bar Mitzvah was awesome and the Hollaback cover I would buy in an instant.

I know that’s a typo but it strikes me as hilarious.

Marty! Whatever happened to him? I thought he was cute.

Maybe Lane said yes to Zack because she’s desperate to lose her virginity (I sure hope that’s not the only reason, just like I hope Zack didn’t propose just as a ploy to get the band back together).

I loved the incomprehensible conversation between Zack and Brian about that video game, as well as Gil’s “Hollaback Girls” rendition.

I can kind of see why Luke wants to keep April to himself for a while, but he really should realize that Lorelei and April would get along like gangbusters if they were given the chance.

I wanted to throttle every one of those bridesmaids in their warmup suits, Uggs and giant hair rollers, even before they revealed that they had all either slept with Logan or “messed around” with him.

I was thinking it, though.

I thought of that. Some kids back in my hometown get married very young for that exact reason, and it kind of makes me sick. Is it really more responsible/holy/moral to prematurely rush into a serious lifelong commitment than to have premarital sex? If your real intention is to honor marriage as sacred, why not deal with waiting until you’re a few more years out of diapers to do both? (That’s a hot button for me. Sorry.)

Anyway, topic! I think Lane is smarter than that.

I think Zach NOT mentioning the band during the proposal was to let us know he was pure in his intentions toward marrying Lane.

Well it looks like the promised wedding for this season may actually be the Lane/Zach nuptuals, although I am hoping for a Luke and Lorelai resurgence. I have no idea what role Logan will be playing in the planning, but I do know that he has been signed for next season, so I will keep my fingers crossed for that one too. I am definitely in the “pro Logan” camp. I think that he shows us a side of Rory that makes her much more human and much less a goody two shoes.