Giraffe's challenge: What should he drop in a pool of urine?

I like the sandwich idea.

How about:
Tongue Depressor (say “ahh!”)

I have a question. Must it be Giraffe’s urine, or can it be someone else’s? Certainly the grossout factor of the later is orders of magnitude higher.

If it’s someone else’s urine, then I’m going to have to insist that you include a garlic dill pickle from a local delicatessen in the sandwich bag. It will then be up to you to decide if the moist part of your sandwich is pickle juice or not.

Well, this thread is clearly chock full of disturbed people. I’m so proud. I know I initially set forth a week long time period for ideas, but the sandwich baggie testing idea is so brilliant that I feel we already have a winner. Unless something even more insidious and demented comes up, the challenge is set forth as:

Your favorite sandwich (can include various deli meats, meat salads, spreads, and items such as lettuce or tomato. One condiment is allowed.)

Make two of them. Put each in a different type of sealable sandwich baggie.

Drop each in the same toilet bowl of urine. The originator of the urine is up to you. It could be you, your wife, perhaps an in-law or a co-worker. Bonus points are awarded for a urine brew from multiple donors.

The bags must stay in the “water” for 3 full minutes.

If pictures are taken to chronicle the process, send them to me and I will gladly post them for the world to see.

Why is this such a great idea? It truly test the limits of Giraffe’s manful boasting about urine soaked items. It advances science and sandwich bag technology. And, it provides a loving homage to National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Well done, Casey1505.

I hope my prize isn’t one of Giraffe’s favorite sandwiches…

Wait a minute. From the terms in the OP, you have to come up with four more equally depraved ideas, and I get to choose one. As excited as I am to eat a urine sandwich, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

His penis

What you fail to take into account is secret rule 3-7a which states that: “The designer of the urine challenge shall be allowed to do whatever he wants.”

Fine, I’ll give it a couple more days, let some more suggestions add up, and then give you 5. But I think you’ll be disappointing an entire Doper nation if you fail to eat potentially urine soaked meat shavings.

What’s that, Giraffe? Not man enough to do it? Hiding behing your rules?!

Ba-gawk! Ba-gawk! Ba-gawk!

Remind me NEVER to piss off (seriously, NO pun intended) Casey1505.

Can I get you a cool beverage? How 'bout a blanket for your feet? :wink:

As an aside, lno’s post reminded of a housemate I used to have who was a master of questioning one’s masculinity in order to manipulate one into doing various tasks, e.g. “you know, I don’t think you’re man enough to mow the whole yard”, “I’m not sure you’re man enough to mop the floor”, etc.

It may have worked the first ten or eleven times, but I’m now immune to your paltry sneers. If I’m going to eat a urine-soaked sandwich, it’ll be because you hosers came up with four even more hilariously sinister ideas.

Bring it.

I had prepared a less gushy Sally Field-type acceptance speech, but it seems as if there remains the potential for defeat to be snatched from the jaws of victory. I await the decision of the intelligent, benevolent, fair-minded, and extremely good looking panel of judges to render their decision. Can I have scout1222 get you cool beverages? Blankets for your feet?

  1. Roast Beef
  2. Turkey
  3. Ham & Cheese
  4. BLT
  5. (my own favorite) Prosciutto


While I can’t possibly think of something better than Casey’s suggestion, I think we should have something to truly memorialize this spectacular event.

Just to show that I not only appreciate the amazing personalities here on the SDMB but also that I am seriously depraved like the rest of you, I submit a proposal:
If Giraffe is the man we all hope he is and goes through with this, and if he gets good pics of the baggied sandwitches resting nicely in the bowl, I will be happy to personally take a photo to a t-shirt personalization store and have shirts made with the banner “Giraffe’s Challenge 2003.”

I have some friends in a punk band who would love this.

Now, let it be known that I am completely sober right now, so I am serious. I really can’t feel out-of-place about it as Giraffe actually intends to eat pissy sanwitches.

Mullinator, as the ranking official, let me know if my grotesque offer is accepted.

If anyone was wondering, I’d hang mine up on the wall in my office at home.

The following conversation took place last night:

me: “I seem to have gotten myself into trouble on the Internet.”
Mrs. Giraffe: “I’m surprised it took this long.”

I would gladly wear a “Giraffe’s Challenge” T-Shirt.

To sum up, the current top 5 standings are

  1. Roast beef sandwiches
  2. Turkey sandwiches
  3. Ham & Cheese sandwiches
  4. BLTs
  5. Prosciutto sandwiches

Another possible idea, borrowing strongly from Casey1505’s brilliance.

Enjoy a nice day at the local county fair. By a lemon flavored sno-cone. Put said sno cone in the cooler you have in your car. Take it home. Put it in a Ziploc bag and drop it in the urine. The heat of the urine will melt the sno cone, resulting in a yellow liquid within the baggie. Pull it out of the toilet, open it up, and drink it down.


Hey, we also should specify the color of the urine. I don’t think it’d be quite fair if Giraffe were to drink a few liters of water over the course of the day just so he can boast clean piss for the challenge.

This sounds dangerously close to sounding like you’re speaking from experience. Not knowing you, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you have not done this already. Please don’t make me regret that.

Can I get a T-shirt, too? Short of eating pee soaked sandwiches, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for a free t-shirt. I might even be able to send Gorgon Heap a couple two three bucks, to help defray his costs.