Giuliani Finally Abandons Comb-Over! City Rejoices!

Can it be a coincidence that former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani finally put an end to that embarrassing comb-over just after his 91-year-old mother died?

When he was first elected, I thought, “Oh, we have another Jewish mayor.” Then I realized that was not a yarmulke.

That was a comb-over?

He sure had ME fooled…I was CERTAIN he was a young Adonis-like Surfer God.

He always looked like an envelope that hadn’t been licked yet. This is much better. Now he could coach the Lakers.

Thank god. My father’s had that hairline since he was 30, but bless him he’s never ever! gone to the combover. He just dealt with it, which stood him well.

Much better than the old troll topped by a dead rat look he was going for. But if he’s gonna wear a dress, he should shave.