Glasnost Mafia

This game will have 21 players. And no color. It will be as open as I can possibly make it.

Role list and other open game things to follow:

  1. Mahaloth
  2. Gadarene

**The Rules: **

Votes and unvotes must be bold blue and bold red and on their own lines. This is to help me keep track.

Once the Role PMs have been distributed, Mod questions MUST be PMed directly to the mod. I will read every question, and I will answer most. Any questions that I am willing to answer will be answered anonymously in the game thread.

Days/Nights will end 7pm Eastern Time.

Please participate! Participation will not be enforced by moderator, but for the game to be fun, it will require participation from all players.

Keep it civil. This is just a game. Don’t make it personal.

Days will start out at 4 day length, decreasing to 3 day length over the course of the game.

If at any time a player has received 50% of the living players worth of votes + 2, the day ends. The value required for this hammer will announced at the beginning of every day.

Nights last 48 hours. All night actions must be submitted prior to 6:59 pm

This game has zero color.

Nights are fluff only.

No communication about this game in any manner that has not been previously mod-sanctioned.

Ties will produce either all tied players being lynched OR no lynch, decided by the following rule: A coin will be flipped 4 times, if comes up all heads or all tails then tied players will all be lynched.

All PMs will be available at the outset of the game, as well as the number of each of the roles.

The moderator will not discuss possibilities for modkills or substitution with any player in the game, with the sole exception that if you would like to be subbed out, you must PM the moderator before Night 2.

There is the means for a player’s win condition to change in this game.

#You may edit your posts.
#You may post any communication from the moderator.

** Win Conditions **
Town: You win when all scum and the deranged serial bomber are dead.

Scum: You win when half the number of living players is less than or equal to the number of living scum players AND the deranged serial bomber is dead.

Survivor: You win if someone else who is not the deranged serial bomber wins, and you are still alive OR if you are the only player alive.

Deranged Serial Bomber: You win when everyone is dead OR you and no more than one other player are alive.

Nightly Order of actions:
Town Jailing
Scum Roleblocking
Bomb Detonation (Being in jail does not prevent death by explosive)
Bomb Deployment
Town Cop
Town Doctor
Scum Kill
Town Vig
Sleeper Awakening


A little bird tells me that ChrisK and I might be doing something else.

If you would want to bargain with me, I might could tell you what, ahead of time.

Available Roles:

A Word about Sleeper Roles:

Sleeper roles will receive a vanilla pm, and will not know they are the sleeper role until they are awakened. IF/When the scum team awakens a sleeper, the other sleeper will reject their brainwashing and be given a new PM. When a sleeper dies, they will be revealed as the sleeper. If one sleeper dies before being awakened, it will affect the brainwashing of the other sleeper, and cause them to be a non winstealing survivor.

Sleeper PMs:

Scum: You have been awakened to your final mission, you will now join the scum team that meets here: . You must register at and the password is: [password]

Town: You feel the balance of the universe shift and have decided to help your fellow townies. Each night you may select a player to protect. If they are targeted by scum or the vigilante for a kill, you will prevent that kill.

3rd Party: You have discovered your programming, and wish only to survive at this point. You will share the victory of whatever team wins this game with the exception of the deranged bomber.
Town Vanilla:

You are Vanilla Town. You have no powers other than your daily vote.

Town Cop:

You are the town cop. Each night you may pm me the name of the person you’d like to investigate. If successful, you will learn the alignment of the player.

Town Jailer:

You are the Town Jailer. Before the end of each day you may pm me the name of the person you’d like to jail the following night. That player will be unable to take any actions, or be the target of any actions while jailed. The jailed player will be released at dawn.

Town Vigilante:

You are the town vigilante. Each night you may pm me the name of a player you’d like to kill. You may kill or not kill on any night, but you may only make one attempt to kill per night.

Town Mason:

You are a town mason. You know that and [Y] are also town masons. You do not have any method of secretly communicating with your fellow masons.

Deranged Serial Killing Bomber:

You are the Deranged Serial Killing Bomber. Each night you may either: tag a player with a hidden explosive OR detonate all deployed explosives (anyone tagged with explosives will die, regardless of protection). After detonating explosives, you must wait at least 1 full cycle (day + night) before deploying or detonating any other explosives. Also note your explosives are on a dead man’s switch, if at anytime you are killed all of your deployed explosives will also detonate. Lastly, if a “tagged” player is killed with your explosives on their person, the presence of explosives will be revealed.

Scum General Procedure (This will be included with each scum PM):

You are on the scum team. The scum team is composed of W X Y Z and may communicate here at any time. You must register at and the password is: [password]. Each night the scum team may select a kill target and the person to perform the kill. The killer may not do any other actions that night. In addition to the kill the scum team may attempt to awaken a sleeper agent. During the course of the game, you may awaken only 1 sleeper. Awakening the sleeper is accomplished by targeting them with the triggering phrase: “Arise, chicken, arise!” This will cause their brainwashing to kick in, and they will join your team. This action is a team action, and does not require an actor. Although the target will obviously hear the code phrase whether they are the sleeper or not.

Scum Roleblocker:

You are the scum roleblocker. Each night you may (if you are not selected to perform the kill) select one one person who will be prevented from performing any actions that night.

Scum Godfather:
You are the scum godfather. If you are ever investigated, your alignment will be shown to be town.

Vanilla Scum:
You are a vanilla scum, you have no additional powers other than performing the night kill and voting in the daytime elections.

Role Distribution

1 scum roleblocker
1 scum godfather
2 scum vanilla
2 sleepers
1 deranged bomber
1 town cop
1 town jailer
1 town vigilante
3 town masons
8 vanilla town


Red Skeezix is running a game?

Wait, Red Skeezix is running a game with a hammer?

Wait, wait, Red Skeezix is running a game with a hammer and possible recruitment (ish)?

Oh, I am so /in.

I find myself without a Mafia game to play in tomorrow, so I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do all day while I’m at work, so…
/in please

This looks like a fast game. Vig and Serial Killer?


All right, I’ll give it a go.

Not in. I really don’t have enough time, and what I do have to spend on Mafia-related matters, I want to spend on my game-balance calculations.

I’m a bit surprised, though, that Red Skeezix would want to run a game with a Survivor role in it.

I wasn’t going to do it, and then I saw the setup. I can’t resist.


  1. Mahaloth
  2. Gadarene
  3. MentalGuy
  4. pedescribe
  5. Suburban Plankton
  6. Wolverine
  7. Idle Thoughts
  8. Drain Bead

I haven’t played Mafia before but I have been following the game running now, and I would like to play.

/in please, if you will have me.

Can I play?

  1. Mahaloth
  2. Gadarene
  3. MentalGuy
  4. pedescribe
  5. Suburban Plankton
  6. Wolverine
  7. Idle Thoughts
  8. Drain Bead
  9. Manwich
  10. Astral Rejection

Haven’t played in a true open non-Conspiracy game in a very long time. /In.

And somebody should tell Pleonast, he’s been looking for an open game.

/in but only if you can get a mod to change the thread title to “Glasnost Mafia” (only one “t”)

Darn it, I don’t have time for this! But it’s an open game, which I’ve been asking for for a long time. So sign me up.

/in me please. Something has to compete with WoW for my time after all…

Oh, this is fun! If all the players are dead, everyone but the Survivor wins. It might be hard to reach that point, though.

And now that I’ve read further, I see we don’t start with a Survivor. So we can all win by not voting to lynch anyone and wait for the coins to break the zero-vote tie by lynching all of us. Yay!