"Glass House" on ABC

I didn’t watch it and don’t intend to. “Big Brother” wastes enough of my summer. But I thought it would be interesting to hear what people who watched it (if any) had to say.

I watched it. At an hour a week [immediately after a show I’m watching anyway, embarrassingly enough], I may stick with it. I haven’t watched a full season of BB since season 2 or 3, I don’t think – too many shows per week, too repetitive season to season.

Plus the “we can vote” thing could turn out to be interesting.

The first guy sent to limbo quitting immediately, though – wuss.

I thought this was going to be about a different “The Glass House” on a different ABC.

Can you tell us more about it?

It was a talk show on Australian TV about a decade back, hosted by three Australian comedians. One of them, Wil Anderson, currently hosts another talk show about advertising, “The Gruen Transfer”. It wasn’t on the level of some of the American talk shows I’ve seen like “The Daily Show”, but still watchable.

I liked it enough to check out the live feed. It was telling that they offered the viewers a vote to give the housemates news headlines of the day. The choices were Rodney King and Google tracking users. Voters chose Rodney King. Next Country Music top 10 vs Obama “Dream Act” immigration reform.

Instead of staying in the living room they followed the conservatives who left the room to bitch about the Producers “setting them up.” A 4 hour live feed where they are fed an “all you can drink” amount of alcohol and then asked about racism… What’s next? Take a hit off this bong and let’s discuss abortion? These producers are just setting us up!!! Priceless stuff on that live feed. If it was big brother, they’d have cut to fish when the hamsters started bitching about the manipulation…

I’m interested to see if viewers vote to kept the awful guy for entertainment or immediately punish him with eviction. I remember the first season of Big Brother, where the audience voted on eviction, quickly got boring because they booted all the most controversial people first.That was ages ago though and reality TV was still fairly new, the archetype of reality show villain had yet to be fully developed.

My guess (and hope) is that they keep the jerk around to the very end, but then give the win to someone nice.

So CBS sued ABC over this show and lost the lawsuit. However, someone at CBS has a good sense of humor and put out this snarky fake press release about their newest show, “Dancing on the Stars.” It’s pretty funny.

Yeah like CBS has never sunk to that level… Fer Christ’s sake Julie Chen from Big Brother leads the rip off of ABC’s the View…

That’s the definite plus of the Glass House, no camera mugging Julie Chen. I can’t stand her for some reason.

I like this show better even if I already dislike all of the contestants. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion this could get cancelled. Has that ever happened to a live reality show like this?

Not sure about a Live show like this being cancelled, but the very stinky Pirate Master on CBS only broadcast 8 of it’s 14 episodes.

If ABC did pull the show it’d be a huge embarrassment and CBS would gloat like the cat that ate the canary. They’ll probably keep it on to save face, but unless the numbers get better, there won’t be a season 2.

Some unorganized random thoughts:

So Alex is gone, which I wasn’t too surprised about. He asked the audience if he should be the biggest villain ever on reality TV and then just came out and did name calling which was really, really weak. He obviously has not studied under the best villains who are friendly to your face and are complete backstabbers or wonderful liars.

Apollo and his game plan which he is ready to ditch after two episodes. If he’s smart, he’ll join an alliance but keep up the charade. He’s not so he’ll be out soon.

I watched one of the webisodes where they had a spelling bee and then given a news topic they had to discuss.

The problem with the TV show is that it’s slowly going to devolve into the nicest people and who wants to watch that?

I watched the show last night. What a trainwreck. Good thing I like (metaphorical) trainwrecks ! But I am not sure I can stand too many more shows. I am not about to watch any webcasts and I think they are making a mistake by only having one show a week.

I never saw the first few seasons of Big Brother but this show does not have much resemblance to the Big Brother seasons have watched. I don’t know why CBS got their nose out of joint.

Seems like BB is starting later than normal. Not until July 12th? Still more than two weeks away.

I’m watching because I know one of the players, Stephanie, from Mensa. I’m biased but she is doing really well on the show - using smarts and leadership skills to help her teams dominate the two challenges. I wasn’t thrilled when she mentioned being in Mensa in the first episode, but that hasn’t hurt her so far.

I know something about her backstory that will get her sympathy votes later on:

Go Stephanie!

What’s the deal with the girl who not only doesn’t know art history, but when asked to name a psychologist says “Dr. Phil”? I laughed and laughed.

I believe the second or maybe third season of “The Mole” was cancelled midway through.

In the first season of “Big Brother” they allowed viewers to vote on who to send home, which lead to all the most interesting people leaving first. So that idea has already been tested and shown to fail.

No, the problem, IIRC, was that certain players (some naive young bimbo?) managed to game the system by getting people mobilized to vote for them. Since that was before the explosion of social media, not sure if the same dynamic would work today.

Did they explain “limbo” last week? How long are you there?

is it isolation between just the two people? Are they on sea rations? A nice bed?