Glees roleplaying game thread

The gorgeously-dressed, rather older hobbit steps forward and pats Dprric on the shoulder. “Tha’st neet ter snivel for, laddikins,” he mutters, “all’s amity here, and mebbe some part-time comin’, but niver so much of th’ innerspeak afore the knowless, eh? Mum till’s time me and thee speak plainer.”

Then louder, "Well met, all! Are you of a mind to join our merry company, then? Circus is a grand life for those who have the taste for adventure and the necessary talent in the bargain, and it’s a paying kind of work, too. How would you like - " And he names a sum of money that, while not lordly, certainly isn’t field-hand wages either. :wink:

To the hobbit Dorric says “A circus man, are you? My family is circus folk. We should swap stories some time, I bet we know many of the same people.”

At the hobbit’s mention of a certain sum, Quentin exhales through his nose as curiously as one can express without moving any part of his face. “Hnh.”

He looks at the cat, then the spellcaster.


Johannes looks from the well-dressed hobbit to Versifal.

"Is this what you and Mayor Crumlin have planned for us then my Lord? To join the…circus?

The third man behind Crumlin steps forward. He wears Chain Mail, has a shield, a Horseman’s Mace and a Sling.

“My name is Dale and I already know Dorric and Quentin. I am a Cleric of Lugh.”
He gestures to a holy symbol of crossed hands, worn round his neck. The same symbol is engraved on his shield.
“I stand ready to heal and protect our party - and will fight as well.”

Johannes says

“That’s a fine symbol emblazoned on your shield, friend Dale, and I’m sure your staunch faith will do us honor. The crest you see on my own armor and shield are of the Empire, the place of my birth to the north.”

He shows the symbol engraved on his breastplate and shield - the plume of a helmet.

“Alas the Empire, while mighty, is ruled by fear and run by dishonorable men, but I bear the symbol still as a reminder that there is always injustice to be fought somewhere in the world.”

Versifal announces “Well now we have enough brave souls, so I hand you over to the capable Mayor Crumlin. He will explain why we wanted to gather an adventuring party.”

He thinks for a second.

“There was mention of a trial. Crumlin, do you need me to … check upon these newly-arrived spellcasters?”

Crumlin smiles. “No, my Lord. If necessary, I’m sure I can ask Johannes to do that for me.”

Versifal says firmly to Johannes “Look after Silverfoot!”. wishes the rest of party good luck, nods politely at the gorgeously-dressed hobbit and strides away towards the stables.

Dorric bids farwell to Versifal. Now that everyone has said hello Dorric looks at Crumlin and says again, “So Mayor, now that we are all met I have to put myself in the awkward position of asking a second time, why do you need us here?”

Mayor Crumlin smiles happily. “Yes indeed, Dorric - and you are quite right to ask that.
However the first thing is to find a comfortable and discreet meeting place so I can explain. Fortunately I already reserved a tent near the refreshment area.”

He turns to the well-dressed hobbit. “I am Mayor Crumlin. I see you are a person of considerable importance in this Circus and would certainly like to speak to you shortly about these folk earning honest coin.
I take it you will be easy to find!”

He smoothly passes some coins to the hobbit. “And I’m sure you will look after my chaps…”

He ushers the party to a nearby tent. There is a small boy standing firmly in front of the entrance. Crumlin passes him a coin and the boy scuttles off.

The tent is empty apart from a table, chairs and some light refreshments. Crumlin invites the party to help themselves and have a seat.

Johannes sits and waits expectantly. We wonders what the small boy was sent off to do, but he decides that if Versifal trusts Mayor Crumlin, he will do so himself until given a reason to do otherwise.

He helps himself to some of the food on the table, taking a roast chicken leg but pointedly avoiding the jugs of wine.

“Well” says Crumlin, “You have been patient and I thank you. Let me explain my purpose and answer your questions.
I am a Cleric of Heimdall (he points to a holy symbol of a horn, both worn round his neck and engraved on his shield.)
I have been elected to govern West Sherwoodshire, a charming land Southwest of here.
I like to encourage trade and I also sponsor adventurers.
And that is why you are here.”

He pauses to sip some beer.

"Ah - that’s the stuff!
Now I would like you to form a party to carry out some tasks for me - and of course I’ll pay the going rate.
You will face some danger - but hopefully nothing you can’t handle. Any treasure you find is yours.
Having groups such as yourselves is useful to me:

  • wandering Monsters that imperil these lands are dispatched
  • if I need something done, I have specialists available."

Crumlin continues "Now you had some questions. Let me try to answer them in order…

Plixican and John Smith - you are both Spellcasters. Versifal and I knew we already had Fighters, a Cleric and a Scout. So it made sense to balance things, as those groups are the most successful.

Dorric, you asked about our purpose and why you were particularly welcome…
Well now you see I wanted an trained adventuring party. Your skill in sales will come in handy as I want to increase trade with a new product - but there are some matters to attend to first."

The news from the mayor surprises Dorric, but only a little bit. He wasn’t aware that he was going to be part of a whole group when he came to help the Mayor, he was more under the impression that this would be a solo gig, but it isn’t as if he has never been a part of an adventuring party before. He walks over to the refreshments table and pours himself some tea. Then a second cup to hand to John Smith. As he does this he talks. As he talks he checks the room to see if there is anyone listening in on the conversation from the outside. It’s an old habit and something he does constantly. The others wouldn’t notice his checking.

“Very well then Mayor Crumlin. If an adventuring party is what you were after, you have done well for yourself. A young Paladin, a Ranger, a Cleric, and a couple of magic users will do well in most situations. I have already agreed to help and would be happy to scout for the party as well as take the lead on any” he pauses looking for the right word “negotiations, that may be necessary. What is the first order of business for you then, sir?”

He hands John Smith his cup of tea and with a smile says.

“Good as my word, John Smith. Here’s your tea. While we are at it, I know Dale and Quentin, and I trust that a Paladin would sooner pluck his own eyes out than betray you or back down from a battle, but I don’t know the two magic users from anyone. What kind of magic do you folks do? Where are you from? Can we trust you with our lives, if it should come to that?”

Crumlin resumes answering the party’s questions.

"Plixican, you asked about a trial planned for you.
I don’t have one - I think this was because Johannes mentioned the idea…
However I do have a ‘test’.

Johannes, my plans are for you to adventure and achieve useful things, not to join the Circus!
However it is always useful to make contacts - that well-dressed hobbit looked like someone worth knowing - and practise one’s Skills.

So when our meeting here is finished, I think you should all consider what Skills you could offer a Circus, even for a brief time.
How about entertaining the crowd?
What about making repairs to Circus equipment?"

Crumlin again:

"While you think about what you can offer the Circus, I do have to consider that test.
Plixican and** John Smith**, you have kindly offered your services as spellcasters.

Now the rest of this party has been accepted by Versifal and myself.
Would you two allow Johannes to check you are not Evil?

If you wish to depart instead, there is no reason to detain you.
But I’m sure you see that I wish this party to do well - and I will not countenance Evil-doers within it."

John strokes Sneakerpuss gently and looks up. He takes the tea and responds to the evil-testing concept.

“Yeah, you can test me to see if I’m evil. Though as skilled as I am, I’m not sure your test would work. Anyway, I’m not evil and don’t care if you test me. Test Sneakerpuss, too, if you like. Then again, is any cat entirely not evil?”

John’s tone makes it hard to tell if he is joking about the cat. He doesn’t pause to wait for a response, but approaches each person individually.

John seems to scan everyone’s face slowly…and he looks like he is straining to…well…do something? Maybe think of something about them? Figuring out if he’s met them before?

It’s kind of weird.

Johannes holds His shield aloft and says a swift prayer to Heimdall, asking him to reveal the presence of any evil amongst those assembled in the tent.

Dale nods at the Mayor’s explanation, but responds "That’s still not very specific-- you act as though you’ve got a specific quest in mind. Has there been trouble here that I’m unaware of?

The gnome shrugs a little as he reaches out for another nibble, tearing off a piece to feed to his crow, which now perches on his shoulder.

“I have no objection to evil detection”, he says between bites, “But I am not sure what I could bring to a circus. My studies so far have concentrated on the summoning of monsters and other creatures from the aether, although Jinx here has been my only major success in that area.”.
He considers further as he reaches for a drink.
“I can also reliably weave a suit of mage armour. But I am unsure how that could help, especially since I can only do it once per day.”.

Whilst this conversation was going on, Dorric was subtly hearing noise (to see if anyone was eavesdropping outside the tent.)
He doesn’t hear anyone.

Next Dorric uses his Awareness and Alertness Skills to examine the tent and the folk within it.
The tent appears normal.
*Crumlin seems relaxed, but John Smith looks very tense. *

John Smith has been studying each person’s face in turn.
When he looks closely at Dorric, both he (and Sneakerpuss) give a start.

John is convinced he has a memory of that ‘face’ - but he cannot remember where…