gmail question (need help fast)

OK, so occasionally I want to forward an email to a [undefined] group of people. I may not remember everyone’s name so I don’t just want to type out the list.

Is there a way in gmail such that I can be looking at an email, and forward it by clicking names in my address book?

Up til now, I’ve been copying the text of the email, going into address book, selecting the names, then clicking “email” and pasting the text in there. This becomes a bigger pain if I’m trying to forward a document thought.

Oh, and what’s with the trend lately of saying “need help fast” in posts? I assume everybody is pretty much like me in that if a post is made and I can reply to it, I do immediately. IOW, “need help fast” doesn’t really do anything.

Whenever I send emails, I just click “forward” then if I know the first letter of someone’s email, first name, or last name, I type it and it pops up in a little menu so I can click on the person I want. But I guess if your address book is really big or the emails aren’t associated with names that might not really help.

Yeah I re-read your OP and my reply did not help. Sorry. I only email like the same 3 people all the time and I know their names.

I’m not sure if this is quite what you’re looking for, but under Contacts you can create a group for your forwarding needs. For a one-off group, you can check all the people you care about and pick ‘email’ on the right. I don’t see any way to forward to a one time group though, which is what it sounds like you’re looking for.

I know their names too. I just don’t want to forget anyone, and sometimes seeing the name jogs the memory.

Thanks for the attempt at help (fast :slight_smile: )
If you come up with a way… let me know.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m looking for. Scenario: I read an email, and think: "ooohhhh, I need to get this info out to some people. Boom, click forward, open address book, select names, BOOM they’re all getting the email.

To keep the forwarding intact, you could first go into Contacts, pick the contacts you want to send the message to, pick “email”, then highlight all the names in the “To” box, copy them to the clipboard, open your to-be-forwarded message, hit “forward”, paste the email addresses then hit “send”.

Pain in the arse, I know.

yeah, I’m kind of doing something like that now. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass. Seriously, most other emial programs allow you to click on the “To:” button, and select names. ~sigh~ I have to say this is the only flaw I’ve found with gmail. I still really like it otherwise.