Go Ahead...I Can Take It.

The Littlest Briston, preparing for her school play.
No, we were not given any options – everyone in her Pre-K3 class played the same role.

OMG! Teh cute! It burns! SQUEEEEEE!

So I shouldn’t ask if she’s playing a sheep?

Awwww. Cuter and sweeter than a real bunny.

So, she favors her dad, eh?

So finally we have progeny. (she looks just like ewe!)

Nah, too easy.

I’ll let the other dopers be baaaad.

I thought you claimed to never really…
Too easy; she’s adorable.

Adorable, perfect, enjoy every moment.

Ewe are flocked!

Aw. I love seeing these pictures.

I have almost that identical costume! Somehow, on me, it just looks strange. On her it looks really cute!

She’s adorable! Unless she’s not yours: then, my friends, we have been fleeced. :smiley:

No words - should have sent a poet!

The real question is, does she at ALL understand why Daddy took one look at her, put his face in his hands and started moaning “no… no… oh god, nooooooooo!”?

Cute kid :slight_smile:

I just had to explain to my SO why I was laughing so hard. :smiley:

I laughed. Laughed hard.

Cute pic!

How do you know she’s yours?


That is just all kinds of Insider Funny from a Doper standpoint.

Hal - you extend the legend…and I can hardly wait to hear how it goes when you explain what is so funny to TLB when she is old enough…

Soooo cute, ewe must be very proud!

What an angel!