Go Fug Yourself

I’m sure this has been linked before, but my search-fu is not up to snuff today, and I want to make sure that as many people as possible go read these wickedly funny fashionistas.

My god. Most are sooo sickly-looking. Way too thin. Someone needs to have an intervention at the Krispy Kreme for them.
I’ts good to see so much thought, time and money is put to such good uses as these “outfits” they live and die for. :rolleyes:

That’s part of what makes it so funny, I think - people spend oodles of time and money on some of these outfits that make the star wearing them look worse than your average homeless person.

I love reading Go Fug Yourself. My favorites are the Britney entries
I hope for new ones, but there haven’t been any in a while.

Thanks Featherlou; that’s the funniest thing I have read since Sampiro’s last rant.

I love Go Fug Yourself. I see people every day wearing things that are FUGLY. I could do my own blog: “Go Fug Yourself: People Who Go To The Movies In Awful Outfits.”

Britney’s eating at…Denny’s? And they didn’t even close off a section for her at DENNY’S? SOMEbody’s not an A-list star any more.

All that dieting and then they go and wear that. Why bother? They could all be really fat and look just as good. But without the puking. Well, without them puking. We will still puke when we look at those outfits.

No, Sampiro is much funnier.

There’s only one way to settle this we’ll have to start a Cafe Society thread: “Sampiro vs. The Go Fug Yourself Dames!”

This is my favoritest website ever! The internet was invented just so GFY could exist. Without GFY, I would never have heard of Bai Ling and Courtney Peldon.

I wish someone would tell me what this is all about. Or this. I do not understand.

Ooh, ooh, I thought of something even better - Sampiro writing WITH the Go Fug Yourself Dames!

My theory on stuff like this is people dressing in the dark. And no mirrors in the house. That’s all I got.

Those are my favorites also. With the "Hi, Y’all!"s and the pining for Justin and the great pride she took in not naming Sean Preston a weird celebrity name - sometimes I forget it’s not really her writing. They’re hysterical and sad at the same time.

I love that site. They did a wickedly funny piece on Sharon Stone. I admire the hell out of her, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Unfortunately, I’m at work, so I can’t link to it, but do a search…it’s worth it!

It looks like Paris Hilton has started shopping at thrift stores.

The best of Sharon Stone. Why is she wearing blue eyeshadow? She’s scary.

I was actually kind of saddened at the recent Britney entry about getting knocked up again and how she’s sure she’ll love it but “I only have two arms!”

Yeah, I heart GFY. I learn new words from them, too, like “muffin top”.