Go Poysyn, Go Poysyn, It's Your Birthday!!!

Everyone come and give presents, hugs, kisses and accolades to Poysyn because it is her birthday. Even though it is always all about Poysyn all the time, :rolleyes: today it is especially so, cause today is her birthday. Just kidding, HAPPY BIRTHDAY POYSYN :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Poysyn! What are you now, 18? :smiley:

Shuddap! I am now officially in my “mid-to-late-20s”


Thanks Mom!


Not a day over 21.

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a really great day and even better year to come.

Oh, and many more after this, too.


Happy Birthday Poysyn !

Here’s to mithridiasis!

Eunoia - still croaking :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Poysyn!

We still have to get together for the viewing of the Wpg dopefest photos.

Pipeliner, give us (my mom and I) a call, we should get together and see those!

You don’t know me, but I thought I’d put my two cents in… HAPOY BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday, Poysyn!

(Waiting in eager anticipation to wish your whole family Happy Birthday!)

[sub]Thanks for beating me over the head for forgetting, mom![/sub]

Happy birthday Poysyn!

::runs through thread nekkid::

::MsRobyn makes a special birthday cake for Poysyn’s birthday::

Um, yeah, it took two days to make. Yeah! That’s it!


Aww thanks guys!! I thought this thread was just gone forever.

You’re the best :slight_smile:

I’m late but I’m here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY POYSYN!!! Better late than never, tell your Mom to pick you up something nice for me :wink:

happy happy happy day!!!

:::birthday smooches:::

And everyone knows, birthday smooches are the best smooches of all :slight_smile: