Say hello to Mommy Poysyn

My mom is visiting the board this evening. She is a fresh newbie, brand new to this whole thing, so play nice! She’s heard so much about all of you!

Hi Mommy Poysyn! Welcome to the SDMB, we’re not as weird as she makes us out to be, honest.

You have a very lovely daughter, but you knew that already, right? :slight_smile:

Montfort - I actually take after my mom :smiley:

Hey! Do we get time for a rebuttal???

Poysyn - Hear ye hear ye, this general rebuttal will now commence, anyone having business with this rebuttal step forward and you shall be heard. the Honorable Mommy Poysyn residing.

Did anyone else pop into this thread thinking this was Poysyn telling us she was preggers?

No? I should shut up? Figured as much, what with PoysynMom reading behind her back and everything.

Poysyn - Oh sure, get me in loads of trouble. Jerk. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did! I did!

So. Poysyn is gorgeous, but young enough to be my daughter.

Poysyn takes after Mommy Poysyn.

Hmmmm… Hello, Mommy Poysyn!

H, Mommy Poysyn! Ex-Winnipegger and now proud montréalais matt_mcl checking in!

Hi, MommyPoysyn. Nice to meet a fellow Winnipegger.