God go with you always

I love you.

I love you too, Lib. Don’t leave.

Whoa, wait, what is this? Lib you’re not leaving are you? I certainly hope not!

I’m confused…

Say it isn’t so Lib!:frowning:

Doesn’t necessarily mean Lib is leaving. I say “I love you” all the time to my friend but it doesn’t mean I’ll never see her again. Maybe Lib just feels it’s something that needs to be said from time to time.

You say that every time you come home drunk. I’m sick of it.

:slight_smile: :confused: :frowning:

I think Lib is just having a love explosion. Hope so, anyway.

Well, maybe. Ever heard of ‘fear of success?’ Well, Lib suffers from ‘fear of hitting 12,000 posts.’

Now, I don’t use the term love often, but I do have a hearty and friendly respect for ya big guy!


No. I love YOU. Love you, love you love you. And anyone who looks like you. Come 'ere, you. Gimme a hug.

Y’sunnabich. Y’re the greadest. Have another drink. I love ya motherfucker.

(Fall down).

OK Everybody!! All Together Now!

We Love You, Lib Er Tarian!!

Praise be you’re with us Lib.

My email is available if you need to chat.

With much love and respect,


Oh, and Lib:

It would be an honour, Sir.

And also with you.

I suspect that this was intended as a response to another thread, and that Lib hit the “new thread” button instead of the “post reply” button and didn’t notice it.

But it’s a glorious sentiment to have a thread of its own in MPSIMS!!

Lib, may you live forever and love as long as you live! :slight_smile:

-Your brother,


Reminds me of an apocryphal story.

In a church with horrible acoustics, a new sound system was installed – but it too produced poor results, one being able to hear that the person using the mike was speaking, but not what he said. It was also quite unreliable, and one Sunday went up just before service.

The volunteer who took care of AV for the church went to fix it, while the priest went forward to test the mike as the volunteer fiddled with the settings. Expecting it to be dysfunctional, and as a test phrase to confirm it wasn’t working, the priest uttered into the mike in his normal sonorous baritone, “There seems to be something wrong with this mike!”

But, of course, that was the point at which the volunteer had the sound system fixed, and the congregation, knowing their response when the priest called out a single, uninterpretable line from the pulpit, dutifully responded:

“And also with you!”


Having more love in the world can’t be a bad thing. I think you’re pretty cool, too, Libertarian.

I hope Poly’s explanation is the right one. Don’t freak me out like this, Lib! :confused:

Lib, this thread is the last you posted to - pop in to say “hi”, will you?

Me too :slight_smile:


Yeah, come on Lib!

I’m hoping that Poly was right!