God I hate Fox News

On the front page of Fox News 2/18 @ 2:01pm ET:

Top U.N. Climate Official Yvo de Boer Resigning
Obama Names 2 D.C. Old-Timers to Chop Deficit

  • New Jobless Claims Spike Unexpectedly
  • Study: States Must Fill $1 Trillion Pension Gap
    Ala. Prof’s Novel Eerily Similar to Her Real Life
    Tea Partiers Mix With CPAC Stars | WATCH LIVE
  • LIVESHOTS: Scott Brown Introduces Romney
    **Obama Walks Tightrope With Dalai Lama Meeting **
    EXCLUSIVE: ‘Arrogant Americans’ Need Not Apply
    Flight Diverted to Salt Lake City After Bomb Threat
    Ex-NYC Top Cop Kerik Gets 4 Years in Prison
    Sebelius, Insurer Clash Over Health Premium Hike
    U.S. Missionaries Return From Haiti | SLIDESHOW
  • Survivors Won’t Wait for Gov’t | HELP HAITI | TWITTER
    White House: Dems Near Accord on Health Care
  • Lawmakers Stunned Over Reid’s Substitute Jobs Bill
    Duke Accuser Charged With Attempted Murder, Arson
    EXCLUSIVE: Jeb Bush Rips ‘Incompetent’ D.C.
    Suspects in Hamas Killing Put on Most-Wanted List
  • WSJ: UAE Probes U.S. Credit Cards in Hamas Hit
    **Obama Heads to Denver to Help Endangered Senator **
    **President Bush on Florida Race: Who’s Rubio? **

I know the format is messed up, sorry. But if you check the bold you see Obama listed 3 times without the President title. Bush is listed once, with the title. Hmm… accident? Fair and Balanced??

Just makes me sick.

Really? From what I see they don’t use titles in headlines, unless there is room for confusion, and since there are both a President Bush and a Jeb Bush in that list, but only one Obama that would probably explain it.

I’m sure you have plenty of reasons to hate this company, but this list of headlines probably shouldn’t be one of them. Then again, it’s your own bile you’re wasting.

Yeah, shouldn’t it be President Barack HUSSEIN Obama?

Actually, of all the things that FOX “News” might do to annoy one, this is pretty small beer.

To be fair, “Obama” is enough to be clear who the subject is. Just “Bush” in a headline about Florida could be referring to Jeb.

Yeah, I’m no fan of Fox, but that’s likely it. In fact, it annoys me when a headline just says “Clinton”. Hillary? Bill? George?

And even “President Bush” could be referring to either one, seeing as neither has any obvious connection to a Senate race in Florida.

I’m not seeing anything sinister here at all, just a bad headline. “Elder Bush” or “Younger Bush” would have been a better choice.

I’ve always wanted to refer to them as Bush père and Bush fils.

What does the AP Style Manual say on this? (Do not have one handy sadly)

The New York Times style manual has it that all surnames be preceded by a title. Looking at a quick sample of their articles it seems their first reference to Obama they write “President Obama” and then every reference thereafter it is “Mr. Obama”. Of course no one but them has to follow this style. Their headlines almost always just say “Obama” (headline space being at a premium I can understand this).

The one golden rule I learned from various style manuals is consistency. Often there is no “right” way to do something but rather you should settle on a way of doing (whatever) and be consistent in it.

A quick review of Fox News web site shows they are inconsistent…sometimes even in the same article (e.g. this one).

Hardly worth getting in a fuss about but if nothing else shows the lax editorial standards at Fox (which is not a surprise to me).

I agree that it’s a matter of eliminating confusion. There is no confusion in who you’re talking about when saying Obama, but with Bush in Florida I think most people would assume it’s refering to Jeb not W.

Also, yes, it is still somewhat ambiguous regarding whether it’s Bush 41 or Bush 43, but what does “Younger Bush” help with when the problem is differentiating between Jeb and W? I think “President Bush” is fair because, while Bush 41 was also president, he’s simply not who people will think of when they hear that name, his term ended 17 years ago and was only in for 4 years, while W’s term ended just 1 year ago and was in for 8 years. I think any chance of confusing that they might have been refering to Bush 41 is extremely slight. Either way, I imagine if it hadn’t involved Florida, they wouldn’t have just said Bush.

It’s similar for Clinton, though not quite as clear. Hillary currently holds an office, when the name is used in context of current politics, it refers to her and they’ll only use a modifier “President” if it doesn’t refer to her.

So, really, I think this is just a case of confirmation bias.

There’s something I learned a while back that some of you could stand to learn as well: if you don’t like something on the television, change the channel. If you don’t like a book, put it down. If you don’t like a game, stop playing it. If a website bothers you, don’t go to it.

It’s as if you watch/read Fox to find stuff to be outraged by so that you can hurry to the SDMB and post a screed about it. Guess what, guys… it’s Fox News. They are not going to change. If you turn it on tomorrow you’ll be equally outraged. If you turn it on a year from now the only thing that will have changed is the layout.

In other words, it’s like telling us that water is wet. I for one am outraged at that startling revelation, and I think I should post on the SDMB about it. Every day. For the next 5 years. Yeah, that’s it.

Just change the channel, dude. Don’t visit the website. Really. It will be good for all involved. You won’t miss them, they won’t miss you, and you’ll feel much better about yourself.

To sum up: Fox=bad. There, see how much time I just saved you?

Particularly considering the slavering knob-polishing delivered this morning to Jeb on Fox and Friends his morning.


Actually, there’s a classic case of burying the lead if I ever saw one.

Fox N Friends. My daily blood pressure raiser.

This morning there was some blurb about how Janine Garrafalo and Rosie O’Donuts made some crack about Rush Limbaugh and they were all up in arms. I thought it ridiculous to bitch about what pundits are saying to or about each other – fuck, that’s what they do. And having Michelle Malkin on to defend Rush Limbaugh just screams Fair and Balanced.

I especially loved Steve “The Mince” Doocey’s comment on Janine and Rosie: “I think they should just shut up.”

Deep thoughts indeed from that melted Ken doll.

There is a difference.

Fox News, as the leading MSM news source in America, is not the same thing as just not reading a book you do not happen to like.

If a significant majority of Americans are informed by such a biased source of news then it affects me. If someone chooses to read/not read the latest Twilight book it has zero effect on my life.

So, while Fox Noise may never change and the rants against them nearly non-stop Fox Noise is worthy rant material (except in this OPs case…agree it is small potatoes).

Note also that one headline is about Jeb, and they use “Jeb Bush”.

So they couldn’t use George and Jeb to show which they were talking about?? Come on. If you dont think this is another example of Fox News and the daily fellatio of the republican party your nuts (pun intended!).

I believe the NPR policy is to always refer to the POTUS as “President Obama” the first time and “Mr. Obama” each time thereafter in thereafter. I remember the Ombudsman discussing it a couple months ago.

Yeah. For example it wouldn’t makes sense if there had been *two *President Bushs. Here they just use the honorific to distinguish W from his brother.

Like I said, it’s your bile and you’re free to use it any way you please, but someone else might point out that they’re disrespecting Jeb Bush by not referring to him as Governor Bush.

Thanks for that Captain Obvious. All that’s missing is “try the decaffeinated.”

Isn’t the whole point of the Pit for people to come in and rant/vent?