God of War (2018) voted as the best video game of all time (by video game fans)

IGN ran a bracket contest for readers to vote on the best video game of all time.

They chose “God of War”.

God of War is certainly a very good game but…best game ever? I don’t think so. I am guessing the voters were a younger(ish) crowd of gamers. But I do not know.


Some of the matchups are kind of hilarious. Like, how do you even try to rank bloodborne vs tetris?

There’s definitely a recency bias (rise of tomb raider over half life 2?) and probably sort of an xbox/playstation console bias but that makes sense in a popularity contest especially among IGN’s readership.

It would appear that the greatest game of all time, Rocket League, didn’t even make the list.

Yeah…this is more a popularity contest than a “best of the best” contest.


wtf? that’s unpossible!

Ain’t gonna lie, God of War (2018) is probably one of my favorite games of all time. Is it better than Civ2 or various Zelda games over the years? Hard to say, but I have no problems with this one winning the top slot.

Some of those #1 seeds surprise me, did people really like Red Dead Redemption 1 that much? RDR2 was the one people were creaming themselves over.

And Batman Arkham City beats Dark Souls, Pokemon Yellow, and Super Mario 64? I thought everyone agrees that Arkham Asylum was the superior game too.

The problem with these brackets is that they allow a less-than-great game to face a favorable bracket while several great games have to duke it out against each other in brackets. So some less-than-great game rises to the top.

It would be better to have a list of 500 Top Games of all time and let people select with poll or ranked choice voting or something like that. Bracket is inane.

I personally favored Arkham City over Asylum by a little.

But really these kinds of lists are just clickbait. And being “wrong” and controversial draws eyes and clicks and interaction.

You’re telling me - Hello Kitty Island Adventure isn’t even on the list!

Six rounds means they were starting with only 64 choices. How did they choose those 64? There’s a heck of a lot of winnowing to do before you get down that low.

And the list is woefully short of classics. You’ve got Tetris, and then nothing until Doom? Where’s Snake (still widely played today, by players a third as old as the game itself is), or Pong (the first commercial video game), or Pac-Man?

How does a PS exclusive win best all time game? I would have figured that the top spot would have gone to something that could be played on multiple systems, even without crossplay.

On one hand, democracy doesn’t work!

On the other hand, sure whatever. At least it’s not another boring-ass list with ten Mario games taking up the top five slots.

Any best game poll that doesnt include Fallout 4 is dead to me. I know a bit offtopic but I came here just after reading this thread on the FO4 subreddit. The game designers did an amazing job of recreating the Commonwealth.

For city recreation, I don’t know if anything beats Division 2 where they used GPS data to recreate the city streets on pretty much a 1:1 basis (allowing for creative liberties for the story of course and avoiding copyright/trademark infringements).

I enjoyed FO4 but I assume there’s far too many FO:NV devotees to allow it to be the Fallout standard bearer in a poll.

God of War (2018) is phenomenal if you’re willing to overlook the actual gameplay parts of it.

I have God of War and didn’t get past the very first bit of gameplay. I decided it was shit and never tried it again. Maybe I should give it another go.

I’m guessing they’re using the 2016 version of Doom, not the 1993 version of it just because other than a few classics the list is far more drawn from recent games and the vast majority of gamers today would be relatively unfamiliar with the original.

Based on what was said in a similar discussion elsewhere, the bracket was composed of “game of the year” winners. Therefore any games that didn’t win IGN’s award were excluded from the bracket. RDR2 came out the same year as GOW so it was excluded. This filter obviously colors the list quite a bit.

But then Metal Gear Solid 3 and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas both came out in 2004 with PS2 being the primary platforms.

So did I. By more than a little. But I played Arkham City before I played Arkham Asylum.