God! What a sense of humour...

A writer from New York writes a book called Voyage of the Titan in which a giant ocean-liner hits an iceberg and sinks, and there aren’t enough lifeboats for everyone to be saved. Many people drown.
14 years later the Titanic hits an iceberg and yadda yadda yadda.
God’s Big Bad Book of Black Humour, page one…

Cows only fly at night.

Flies only cow at night.

I only knight cows that fly.

Only knights may fly the cow.

Only cows may fly the knight.

The knight cows only to the fly.

The guy from Knight Rider is a cow.

The guy who rides a cow at night is a fly.

Only flies can knight cows - and no one knows why.

Time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies like a banana.

No one knows why cows only dance the Can-Can at night.

The cow that…euh…err…aaahh, nevermind.

“Cows only” flight at NY.

. . . and the plate ran away with the spoon.

Fly Knights cow to no one

Batman, is really a rich cow. That’s why he can’t fly.

Wait a second…cows can’t fly!

He could if he was prepared!

Prepared cows fly knights over the moon nightly.