God! What a sense of humour...

Prepaid cows don’t have to wait in line at the ticket counter when they fly.

Post-dated cows only line the weights when they’re counting flight tickets.

Ah, knighted cows don’t fly standby.

They can if they have the money to buy the ticket.

It was a cow and stormy night…

But if they fly SouthWest, they have to buy two tickets!

Knights and cows during a stormy night, make you look at bestiality in a different light.

File these kite pants now.

This is getting udderly ridiculous…

Once upon a cow …

When you wish upon a cow …

The cows get all the fly knights…

What the fuck are you people talking about?


The knight bus cowed the grim.

Are you sure you wouldn’t rather discuss clows?

Cow takes knight, mate in 3

Fly me to the moo

1 knight, 3 cows mated on the fly.

The cow stared dubiously at the yoke. She had never flown an airplane before, let alone in full plate armor and helmet.