Godiva For Breakfast -or- I love you Snormy & Shayna

This morning the postman came by with a package for me! Inside was a gorgeous box of Godiva chocolates from my two favorite lovebirds, Shayna & Spiny Norman. Usually, I would just thank them privately, but I wanted to take a minute to celebrate the love the two of them have found for each other and to thank them for giving me so much more than I’ll ever be able to repay.

There is no happiness quite like finding out that two people whom you love have fallen in love with each other. In a strange way, I feel like their joy is my joy, too and knowing that two people I hold close to my heart will be there to comfort and protect each other makes the world seem like a safer place.

Jill, in the last few months you’ve become like the big sister I never had. Who else would send me the infamous pictures and listen to my crackpot theories and make me feel like I’m not crazy? We’ve shared so much sorrow, and now we’re sharing the best times of our lives. And there will be so much more to come!

Thomas, I hope you know how very much you mean to me. You helped me find the peace and happiness I have today. When I needed it, you let me be just Tracy and rediscover the strength I forgot I had. I admire and adore you and if I had some small part in helping you find love, I will have repaid some small part of the debt of gratitude that I owe you.

The love you two share is a beautiful and wonderous thing. I am so very glad you two found each other, and your love will light up the lives of everyone who love you. And the ones you loved you, who haved passed before, are smiling down on you from Heaven and blessing your union everyday.

Thank you again, not just for the chocolates, but for allowing me to share in your joy.

Love you!


Chocolate. Breakfast of Champions. (There is good reason it was named “drink of the gods”–Theobroma)

With Shayna & Spiny Norman, I have to say that it couldn’t have happened to two better people. I’m hoping that I’ll get to meet them when S.Norman comes to town in a few weeks, because it does give me the warm fuzzies to see such a lovely couple happy and in love.

So…chocolate is the standard reward for hooking up posters who fall madly in love with each other, hmm?

Well, I’ll just be watching my mailbox, Ms. tatertot!

Who ya gonna hook me up with, Ms. Bethie? I could really use a WBOCN right now. :smiley:

tater, you’re so very welcome.

Anyone who’d been briefing my wonderful Jill sufficiently that she didn’t drop-kick me overboard from the infamous Amsterdam canal boat would be entitled to a small token of gratitude.

If I ever gave you any advice worth listening to, it was because you were ready to hear it, not because I had anything profound to say. So there.

Love you right back, tater.

S. Norman

BTW: They’ve got a new rollercoaster at the Dom this year. When are you visiting me ?

Will they be having a Dom in September? I’ll stay in a hotel this time. :wink:

Oh, and Shayna Love, there is one thing I must insist on…I get to get upside down with Snormy, it’s tradition! You may feel free to ride the TOWER OF DEATH with him, however. :smiley:

Well, whoever he is, I’ll make sure I get one who is mighty charming when intoxicated!

That would be a plus, considering the problems I’ve had with intoxicated people in the past.

And I’d just like to state that my offer still stands to hook any and all askers up with the loves of their lives. As you can see, I am quite good at it, and all I ask is that I get to plan the stag party. :smiley:

I don’t think I’m so bad myself!

That’s why they installed the plexiglass covers on these boats. Many an overambitious kisser used to find his way into the canals in the old days. :wink:

What, Shayna was briefed? This was all a set-up? taters, you evil schemin’ wench! Well, not really, of course. Looks like you and me got some planning to do! Will the “Heeeeeeeeeeeeey baby! Hoo! Ah!” song do as a basis for the wedding anthem? :smiley:

The Summer of Love, Part Two.

Get a grip and pass the bucket, Coldie. I can’t deal with this :wink:

Call me old fashioned but what happened to the days when men were (drinking) men and women were grateful once a week ??

Yours, curmudgeonly of London.

Of course this was a set-up you silly Clog-wearin’ goose! And as Best Woman, I get to plan the Stag Party; you, my Cheesy Poof get to organise the Bridal Shower. Hope you know a good caterer.


Hey Baby will most certainly NOT do as a wedding song, doofus. It will be played at the aforementioned stag party, since it’s mine and the Viking’s song. We’ll play the entire soundtrack from Molly Malone’s!

There are some that have their doubts about yours truly hosting a kick-ass stag party, so this will have to be the party to end all parties! Too bad members of the Bridal party aren’t invited…:wink:

Heh, this is great, chocolates, love and an opportunity to tease Coldie all on the same day.

I am the luckiest woman alive, I tell ya!

Do I really have to say how happy I am for these two?
Ouch!! put the Cattle prod away tater!!

Just Kidding! :wink:

Seriously, I am really happy for them. They both deserve every joy that love could bring.

That, and Shayna posed with her head in my lap. how cool is that!! :wink:

It’s not as cool as what Snormy will be getting! :wink:

And you be good, or no woman-hunting for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

So tatertot…what’s yer going rate to set someone up? :wink: Should I send over another box of chocolate?

And congrats again to Spiny and Shayna. :slight_smile:

OK Tater I’m ready for stage two of your three stage plan… :peels some more money off the roll and slides it under the table;.


P.S. Beth better hook you up with a man of refined tastes who can appreciate the finer things in life…like Guinness…

For the chocolate…still appreciate the friendship. :wink:

Right now I’m just savoring this incredible cappicino-flavored truffle thingy with a sugary shell. Oh my god! I think I’ve discovered something better than CANOOKIE. I can’t concentrate on anything else, the box keeps calling me back…and now the kids hate me because I won’t share and I made them eat stale Halloween candy instead. Mmmmmmmm.

Falc and Odie, first sign this simple waiver and contract stating I get to throw any stag parties, and I’ll be glad to hook ya up.

Oh, and Odie, if I got a man who drinks Guinness, he’d be drinking all my beer! Can’t have that!

pictures Tater in a chocolate coma…

And of COURSE the kids get Halloween candy instead! You have to work up to being able to handle Godiva. It takes YEARS of practice! (Just trying to make you feel less guilty. Is it working? :D)

And here. hands over signed contract :slight_smile:

Tracy, my sweet, wonderful friend, you are so welcome for the chocolates. It was the very least we could do in return for the profound happiness you helped bring into our lives.

I have never been happier. Ever. You were so right about him and I am so grateful that I listened with an open heart. That he loves me, too, is such an amazing thing.

You should’ve seen how my face lit up and I literally JUMPED off the couch at Coldy’s and threw my arms around Thomas the first time I laid eyes on him when he walked through the door, all sexy and hot in his leathers - mmmmmmm MMMMM! But who knew then that that gorgeous hunk of man was also the most incredibly loving and romantic man I’ve ever known.

I have yet to wake up a single morning and not find a beautiful love letter in my mailbox. He translates Danish love songs for me. He even sings me lullabies when I’m drifting off to sleep. <sigh> He is kind, loving, thoughtful, supportive, generous, funny, charming, and a million other adjectives that I could fill this screen with. He is everything I could have ever dreamed of (and many things I never dared dream were even possible).

So thank you, for all you’ve done for me - no, for us. Somehow chocolates and (uhm) pictures :wink: hardly seem adequate recompense for the love that’s filling my heart and soul right now.

And Jasper, be expecting a small token from us, as well, for your part in bringing us together. But it will be a few weeks until you receive it. We’ve decided to pick something out for you together when he’s here in 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

Thomas, I love you from the depths and breadth of my soul, now and forever. Thank you for the gift of your love. I promise to cherish and protect it always.

Thank you everyone else for your love and support. I’ll come back and reply individually when I get to work. As it is, I’m running terribly late now.

HUGS all around!

I’m the luckiest woman in the world!
Click here to find out why.
Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

Ooooh!! Oooh!!! A gift!

I want the Official Ducati Factory Racing Team Leather Overalls!!
That way, I’ll impress my instructor when I show up for my first bike lesson. Plus, you’d have TWO gorgeous men in leather. :smiley:

But a box of chocolates will do fine as well, of course. :wink: